This weeks WebTV takes a look at the super light boot from the feline family – Jakob has been feverishly testing the lightweight version of the King, which is called the King SL and today we bring you his verdict of the boot.

Superlight-models have been steadily growing in popularity and both Adidas and Puma have been very good at taking boots from their already strong silos and shaving off a couple of grams – and they are not called Super Light for nothing, as the weight more often than not dips under the famous 200 gram mark.

One of these boots is the Puma King SL, which Jakob has taken a look at in todays episode of Unisport WebTV. Puma have slimmed down the King considerably and promise us a modern interpretation, with the classic elegance of the regular King, mixed with ultra low weight.

This is why the Puma King weighs just 171 grams – but can it live up to the heavy claims made by Puma? Find out in the episode below.

Does the Puma King SL sound like something you like? Order your own right here – just €205

With the King SL, Puma bring us a bold hybrid of comfort and low weight – but what do you think about the boot? Could you see yourself taking on defenders in the light and elegant King? Tell us in the box down below.