Represent your nation | Customize your Nike Just Do It boots


Written by Zlatko

As you may already have seen during the World Cup in Russia, Nike players have the option to represent their nation with cool flags on the heel of their boots. And now, we are able to offer you the exact same treatment as the pro players. Dig in!

You didn’t read wrong, we are now offering you to get your flag on the boots. So besides getting your own number, name or flag as per usual, you can now also add an extra flag on the heel on your Nike 'Just Do It' World Cup boots. This will let you represent your nation on the pitch, giving you a more personal look as well.

We are going to offer a selected amount of nation’s flag, and you can choose from Argentina, Brazil, England, Denmark France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Sweden. This will be the perfect customization if you are from the following nations, or if you are a big of Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Isco or any other World Cup football player.

So don’t forget to add the extra flag on the boot and get ready for the World Cup. You can order your Just Do It boots already now!