Learn more about Ronaldo | World Cup interview


Written by Zlatko

Joltter’s at it again. He interviewed Ronaldo before the World Cup talking about his physique, thoughts and expectations for the World Cup. As usual Joltter has something up his sleeve as a surprise, so watch the video to see the awesome interview with Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for achieving a lot of trophies and prizes, and this hasn’t come easy. Ronaldo is known for working hard, and staying focused on his targets, which also has given him a crazy physique. But physique is nothing without the right mentality, so Joltter also talked with Ronaldo about his transition going from a skilled winger to a pure deadly striker. All of this ends up with Ronaldo giving his thoughts on the World Cup and what he expects from the World Cup. You might be guessing that he is full of confidence and expect to win. But the World Cup for him is more about having fun with Portugal and win the games, he doesn’t see Portugal as favourites and therefore the fun is required to get the results.

Haven’t seen the interview yet? Then watch it in the top of the blog, and get ready for even more fun and a special surprise in the end of the interview.

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