It is very common, that the big brands give some of their big profiles the chance to test prototypes on upcoming boots in blackout versions – and now Ezequiel Lavezzi from PSG has been testing a blackouted Adidas-boot, which we have seen before...

During last Fridays training with Paris Saint Germain the pacey winger had jumped out of his regular Adizero-boots and gone for an interesting, blackouted Adidas boot, which points to a new silo.

Lavezzi is therefore a possible profile intended for the boot, which we have already seen at the feet of Sven Bender and Jonathan Kötzke – and the model differs greatly from Adidas' current line-up of boots. With categories like Speed, Control and classic elegance already covered it is not unthinkable that the new boot will focus on power – but as of now, nothing official has been leaked about Lavezzi's model yet.

Lavezzi's model looks interesting and here it is again apparent that the boot has a band running across the upper, at the same time you can also see that on the nose there has been stitched a special pattern, which almost makes it resemble a cushion structure. The Lavezzi prototype looks like it has a SprintFrame-sole, which does however have a different heelcounter to the Adizero for example.

Lavezzi is one of the first players, who we really see in the new model, but already last July we spotted Dortmunds Sven Bender – and later Jonathan Kötzke – in basically blackouted versions. Here they again focused, on the band that runs across the instep and our guess is therefore that it will have a very central value to the boot.

Adidas seemed like they were brewing up something, when they invited Lavezzi to their headquarters last month and now it seems we have gotten our answer. With blackouted prototypes the question is always; what the boot will be all about and who will wear it? What do you think about Lavezzi's prototype – and what do you think it is?