Merlin league balls | Fewer panels. More goals!


Written by Zlatko

Earlier this year Nike introduced the new Nike Merlin football, which was the ball that the bigger leagues were going to use in the new season. Now Nike have giving us the official match balls, which have a stunning design.

The plain and Just Do It version of the Merlin balls have all been given an electrifying and colourfull design. All leagues have gotten their own special colours and with the league crest placed on the center of the ball.

The Premier League ball is made with a fresh blue and volt coloured, while the La Liga and Serie A ball have been made with a red and volt colour, and with respectively a blue and burgundy boarder. The Nike Merlin league balls also includes the All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, which provides the best possible touch and control in all weathers and pitch conditions.

Read more about the design and technology of the Merlin footballs.

Nike also focusses on their new panel design, which allows Nike to create a ball by using fewer panels. This means Nike goes from using traditional 12 panels and on to just only 4 panels. Furthermore, the colours also allows the players to identify the spin, speed and trajectory quicker then before.

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