This Easter Nike unveiled a brand new and exclusive colourway of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, which is intended for the Mercurial man above them all, Cristiano Ronaldo. The new boot will be coming in many shapes and sizes, in different price brackets and with differing stud-configurations and we will now be taking a look at them all here.

When Nike launch a new boot, it always lands in different models, which all spread themselves and cover different price ranges and are of correlating quality. Most are familiar with the top models specifications, as it is most often these that are given the most attention, but the lesser known takedown-models and different stud-configurations are also of great interest. This is why we have had the entire new Mercurial-collection in front of the camera, to give you the complete overview of the many different boots, which accompany the top model, Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC CR7.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC CR7 We will however, just for good measure, start off with the top model, Nike Mercurial Vapor IX. With a price tag of €192 is the priciest in the collection, but you do however get your moneys worth. This is exactly the same boot, as the one professionals like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Özil and Franck Ribery use when they play and this is partly down to its incredibly low weight. It is developed with extremely light weight materials, which push the total weight down to an astounding 185 grams, which makes it one of the lightest on sale.

The upper is made by the Japanese microfibre specialists from Teijin. It is extremely thin, incredibly supple and super light, all of this ensures the previously mentioned low weight, as well as, a tight, yet comfortable fit and precise ball feel. Furthermore the upper has had the revolutionising ACC (All Conditions Control) incorporated, which makes sure you have the same grip in the wet, as you would otherwise have in the dry. The upper is mounted on an outsole made from a double layer of fibreglass under the mid foot and a single layer underneath the front foot. This further contributes to the low weight, but also makes the boot much more flexible, which means you get a springy and explosive kick off from the ground.

Stud-configuration We have now gotten to the part of the boot, which is most important to know about, if you want to get the most out of your money. The stud-configuration. There are different stud-configurations for different playing surfaces. The most common is the FG (Firm Ground), which is designed for use on regular, dry grass pitches. Then there is the SG (Soft Ground), which is made for the wet, soft grass pitches, because the longer iron studs penetrate the ground with ease, to improve your grip considerably. SG should not be used on dry pitches, as the iron studs do not give the necessary shock absorbency, which can be very detrimental to your joints and particularly your knees.

Artificial grass is enjoying steadily increasing popularity and therefore Nike have also designed a specific stud-configuration to accommodate the demands of the surface. This system is called AG (Artificial Grass) and it is based on studs that, on top of being great in numbers, are also softer than regular studs. This makes them more shock absorbing and this is definitely something your knees will thank you for, when you play on the hard surface. You can get a pair of AG boots in all price ranges and you can find them right here.

No matter which model you choose from the collection, all the information on stud-configurations is relevant. This is because you can find boots with FG, SG, AG, TF and so on, in all price ranges, bar a few exceptions. It is of utmost importance that you choose the right boot, with the right stud-configuration, as it not only improves the boots performance, but also protects your right to return. For example you can not get your money back if you have used your FG-boots on artificial grass, so it is not only good for your health to use the right gear, but also your wallet.

Nike Mercurial Veloce CR7 The next in line is the Nike Mercurial Veloce, which is the first of its kind in the Mercurial-collection. It is actually completely like the kids version of the Vapor model, which is quite a tell-tale of the high quality levels you get and with a price of just €98 you get quite a lot of boot, for not a lot of money. The upper is still Teijin microfibre, but is slightly thicker. The outsole is reinforced with microfibre, which improves the flexibility and keeps the weight low. The CR7 Veloce comes as a FG and AG boot and the other colourways are also available with SG and TF. You can see them all here.

Nike Mercurial Victory CR7 The following boot is the Nike Mercurial Victory IV, which continues the success story from the previous generations. With a price of just €65 it is one of the boots that will hurt your wallet the least. Nonetheless Nike still manage to improve it year on year and this generation is no exception. A synthetic upper with the same smart design from the top model, is fitted on a TPU outsole, which ensures low weight and good flexibility.

Nike Mercurial Vortex CR7 There has come yet another takedown for the Mercurial family and it is called Vortex. With the same crisp design as its big brothers, you get a fine boot for the light sum of €54. The choice of the price conscious buyer, who doesn't want to compromise on quality. There have been used sturdy, synthetic materials, which can handle a bit of everything and still boast the sharp, eye-catching design like the topmodel. You can find it right here.

You can also see all the boots from the Mercurial-collection right here.

The Mercurial-collection spans far and wide and is far more than just the topmodel. You can get a boot of the highest order, which matches your budget and has you covered for any surface. Have you tried any of the takedown-models? Maybe even several? Let us know what you think in the comment-section down below.