AC Milan 2018/19 Home Shirt | A new era for ‘Il Diavolo Rossonero’


Written by Zlatko

A new era is about to start in Milano, and it’s an era of PUMA x AC Milan. After more than 20 years with adidas, AC Milan has switched shirt supplier to PUMA, and to start of the collaboration a new stunning AC Milan 2018/19 Home shirt has been made.

The new PUMA AC Milan 2018/19 Home Shirt is fuelled with the energy of the fans, culture and passion of Milan. The first kit made by PUMA will honour the history and tradition of AC Milan and goes back to the roots to find it’s inspiration.

The new 2018/19 Home Shirt still comes with the classic red and black stripes, which has been used since their foundation in 1899. The red colour was chosen due to it represented the players’ fiery passion for the sport, while the black colour represented the opponents fear to play against AC Milan.

The 2018/19 Home Shirt is made with a clean and classic design, while a button-up collar is used to draw a connection to the early 20th century shirts. A button-up collar on a shirt just adds so much class and is something that we really love here at Unisport! The legendary ‘Il Diavolo Rossonero’, which translated into English means The Red Devil, also appears on the back of the neck, and is made to honour the founder Herbert Kilpin’s famous quote.

“We are a team of devils. Our colors are red as fire, and black to invoke fear in our opponents.”

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