Learn how to play like Mbappé


Written by Niclas

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Kylian Mbappé is well known for his speed and his flare. With crazy dribbles and incredible pace, Mbappé makes the life of the defenders very tough... Do you want to learn how to play like Mbappé and the other french stars? Watch the video above, or read the 5 tips below to learn his moves and dribbles.

Trick #5: 1,5 Stepover Body Feint

This is a move that you can use anywhere on the pitch if you're running directly towards your opponent. Start by doing a stepover with your strong foot, and then you initiate another stepover with your weak foot only to stop half way. Then use your strong foot again to get passed your opponent. A lot of speed is needed for this move. Let's go!

Trick #4: Roll Back Panna

This is a great move to use if you're trapped down in the corner or towards any of the sidelines with the defender right behind you. You basically use the sole of your foot to drag the ball backwards, and as the defender stretches to reach the ball - you gently tap it between is legs or on either side of him. Simple as!

Trick #3: The Zidane Croqueta

This is a great move if you have a defender rushing to stop you from behind. The defender is probably going to stretch his leg to try and block your path, and when he does that you tap the ball behind his leg and then use your other foot to tap it around him. Then you finish it off by sprinting towards the ball on the other side of your opponent. Sounds a bit complicated maybe, but you'll get it if you watch the video!

Trick #2: The Mbappé Madness

This is a good move for all players that has some good acceleration or for the ones who just like to show off. From standing position, you do a stepover with one foot and then you use the other foot to touch the ball into another stepover. After that you take a touch to the side where you initially started the move just to make a fake shot, followed by two body feints jumping from one foot to the other. After that, it's just up to your blinding pace to sprint past the defender. If you manage to pull this one off, we're sure that Mbappé would be very proud of you...

Trick #1: The Posh Pogba Prank Turn

Alright this trick might have a terrible name, but this is another brilliant move if you're stuck with a defender coming from behind. Once he does, you do a small fake pass or shot, then drag the ball back with your strong foot and tap it back with the inside of your weak foot. This move will do some serious damage to any defender. But just promise us, that you wont dab when you pull it off. Please?

Follow these steps and you will be good to go, but are you still in need of help? Then check our “How to play like Mbappé" Youtube guide, and see how you get the right touch and finesse into these five amazing moves!

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