England and Nike have officially unveiled the Three Lions new home shirt, which marks the English F.A.'s 150th anniversary. They do so with a brand new shirt, which celebrates the classic, English elegance. See and read more about the new shirt here – is it something you might like?

When Nike in september 2012 announced that they would be the new sponsorship partners of the England national team, many started looking forward to it – and now our patience is rewarded.

Yesterday you could, for the first time, see the new England home shirt on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where Jack Wilshere posted a picture of a pupil from his old school. Jack Wilshere had picked him out to model the shirt, to show that the shirt belonged to the nation and not just the 11 fortunate enough to represent England in it.

The shirt is designed with a simple look, which takes the shirt back to its roots, with the traditional white and deep blue colours, as to celebrate the F.A.'s 150th anniversary. The first ever England shirt had the Three Lions emblazoned in blue and Nike have made the new logo in the same colour. At the same time the collar is also dark blue – but apart from that, the shirt is all white.

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The logo is very much the focus area of the shirt and Nike have given it a golden edge, as well as the World Cup star, which the English always proudly present, after the greatest hour in 1966. At the same time there has also been placed a golden pennant below the logo, with the years 1863 and 2013, as well as having 150 years inscribed.

The dark blue colour on the England shirt has been very carefully created, so it matches and replicates the nuances of the original, as much as possible. The shirt is made to encapsulate the clean look and subtle style of the English fashion world. As a cheeky little detail, Nike have added the St. George's cross to the slits at the bottom of the shirt.

To ensure a look, which is as elegant as possible, Nike have kickstarted an innovative program, where they take 3D bodyscans of some of the worlds best players, to ensure a more athletic fit, as well as a shirt which is adapted to professional players physique.

Nike are proud of their environmentally friendly production of shirts and the new England shirt is most definitely no exception. It is produced from recycled polyester, which is derived from plastic bottles. The shirt weighs just 150 grams and is therefore 23% lighter than last years models, but Nike have still managed to make the material 20% stronger. The shirt is naturally made Nike DriFit-technology, which transports sweat and moisture away from the body for optimal comfort.

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England's new home shirt has divided opinions – but what do you think about the Three Lions new home shirt? Is it cool that it is this simple, or does the design get a little too classic for your liking? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below. Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.