Remember to mark of the 27th of May in your calendar – because here one of this years biggest launches will take place. Nike have sat things in motion and are ready with “A New bReed of attack”.

With a pair of deadly orange eyes and the message “A New bReed of attack”, Nike have begun the hype, which will undoubtedly envelop the upcoming boot silo. It lands on the 27.05.13 – and is in other words a mere 5 days away!

nike hypervenom

If you want stay completely up to date with everything surrounding... well, whatever it is there is coming? You can keep up to date on our A New bReed of attack-campaign site.

27.05.13. A New bReed of attack. Write it down in your calendar and remember to tune into in five days, where we will unveil it. What is it then, you are welcome to discuss it below.