It is not just the Puma Powercat that gets an update ahead of the big Champions League final tonight. The classic King collection has also gotten a makeover, and we are ready to welcome the boot in a SL formation. We are talking about the super light edition, now in a nice red and white colourway.

The lightest Puma King ever. Nothing less. The Puma King SL weighs in at just 171 grams and combines its elegant look with a shocking low weight, resulting in an extremely classy lightweighter. In order to reach the impressive weight level Puma have had to change a few things im comparison to the normal model, and we are now going to look into exactly thet now.

You can, already now, pre-order Puma King SL White/Red/Black right here with expected delivery in the middle of July - just €205

The primary change is the upper, which, in contrary to the normal Puma King model, is made of a synthetic microfiber. The company behind is Japanese, and the yhave delivered a fantastic upper, which delivers some of the same qualities as leather. You can expect the same comfort that we are used to from Puma, including a super sharp touch on the ball.

Dante from Bayern Munich is expected to wear the new colourway, but is also expected to stick to the regular version of the Puma King. Ahead of tonight’s big final Puma had a chat with Dante where they asked him a few questions.

How proud are you to be in the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund tonight?

Dante: " Beating Barcelona in the semi final gave a fantastic feeling, but is also something that we have worked very hard to reach. On the team we have agreed that we are not going to London to play the final; we are going there to win it."

Can you describe how happy you are with the current success of the team? What do you think of your own performance?

Dante: " I am very satisfied with the switch to Bayern last August. As soon as I arrived I could feel that the club had great ambitions for the season, and the level that we have performed on so far has been amazing. We still have two important finals to play and win, as we are planning on bringing home both trophies to Bayern."

What are your chances to win the Champions League final against Dortmund?

Dante: " I think it is a 50/50. Dortmund have a really strong squad, but we have an incredible confidence and believe in our own skills and abilities. We are going to London to take the trophy back home to Bayern."

Do you see it as an advantage that you are going up against Dortmund, as it is a team that you already know quite well? Or is it a disadvantage, since they are your ultimate challenge?

Dante: We have great respect for Dortmund; they have been playing extremely well over the last years, but I wouldn’t call them our ultimate challenge. Bayern Munich have played Dortmund in three key games and we have not lost any of them. I am happy that the trophy is surely going to Germany, but I think and hope that we have more experience with situations as this, and that is something I hope we can benefit from and play in an intelligent and clever way in the final."

The King SL belongs in Puma’s TouchCell, where the focus is on control, touch and comfort. Here, the external heel counter is key, and ensures stability around the heel in order to deliver optimal comfort. In addition, it serves preventive measures as the heel counter protects the vulnerable heel against kicks and knocks coming from behind.

The Puma King SL sticks to the AptoLast, which we already know from the previous models, instead of the new ComfortLast that was introduced on the regular Puma King. This choice was made as it is more streamlined and in a way is more suitable for a lightweight boot. The extremely light Pebax outsole is further supported by a nylon torsion bar across the midfoot, which ensures optimal stability.

The stud system on the Puma King SL is also different from that of the regular, as the choice has landed on the Traction studs. The newly designed studs provide optimal pitch grip and facilitate your acceleration. In addition, the midfoot has gotten a stabilising stud, which is conical, thus making speedy turning and twisting easier.

You can, already now, pre-order Puma King SL White/Red/Black right here with expected deliver in the middle of July - just €205

What do you think of the new colour update for the Puma King and King SL? Feel free to share your comments in the box below..