The Nike Hypervenom is here, there and everywhere and it can therefore be quite tricky to keep track of everything. Fortunately we have made a brand new campaign-site, or universe if you will, where you can get the full Hypervenom experience under your skin. You will find pictures, videos and a 360 degree tour of the boot, as well as, plenty of other amazing stuff. You can find the site right here.

We have actually gathered everything worth knowing about the new boot and then added some more. We have even designed our brand new Nike Hypervenom universe in a slightly different way. If you use Ipad, Iphone, tablet, or smartphone, all you need to do, to navigate through the extensive sight, is use the 'swipe-function' and if you're on your computer you can simply use the arrow keys.

Doesn't that sound pretty cool? Check it out on our Nike Hypervenom-page right here.

Nike Hypervenom presents itself as a completely new silo and takes over from the well known Total90. Don't expect the two boots to be very alike though, as the Hypervenom offers completely new and revolutionising technologies. Just to name a few are the NikeSkin-upper and the outsole, which is a special two part, to give better flexibility. You can see all this and more on our campaign-site right here.

We have, as we always do, photographed the boot from all angles, so that we could give you our 360-degree showing of the boot. Should you get tired of the one above, then you can click onto our Hypervenom-universe and see the other. You can also check out the videos from Joltters trip to the Hypervenom launch-event in Rio de Janeiro and much, much more. On top of that, it won't be long before we are ready with a WebTV review of the boot.

All in all, plenty of fun to be had on our campaign-site right now, but also loads of fun to look forward to. What are your thoughts on the Nike Hypervenom? Do you think it is the boot for you? Share your opinion and thoughts with us in the box down below and join the debate on Twitter and Facebook.

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