New Balance unveils the new Limited Edition BOWO Pack


Written by Zlatko Popovic

Well I’ve said it before, and I might say it again, but you can’t have to many blackout boots in your life. Especially when you are a sucker for these stylish cleats. But New Balance also has a treat for the players who go for white boots with the brand new BOWO Pack!

New Balance’s tradition from last year continues this year as they once again launch a blackout and whiteout collection. The Limited Edition BOWO Pack gives both the untouchable and unstoppable player a new blackout or whiteout boot. Now you don’t have to settle with the last colourway if your favourite boot isn’t made in the colourway you want! Both the Tekela and Furon are made in both white and black, so you don’t have to miss this awesome Limited Edition collection, just because you only rock white boots, and they are only made in black, or vice versa.

Who said yin and yang? Either you’re all in or you’re nothing. It’s either black or white, you’re either in or out. You make the decision on what you’re going to be. No matter if it’s blackout or whiteout boots, this BOWO Pack will surely help you get the job done.

The New Balance Limited Edition BOWO make the innovative boots look classy and simple, and we really love the clean whiteout edition of the Tekela boot. The whiteout design makes the FantomFit frame construction more visible, which in the end is a nice feature. But we must not forget the blackout Furon boot, which just looks even more aggressive and fast in a pure blackout colour.

No matter what you like, blackout or whiteout, then New Balance has got it for you with this Limited Edition collection. It’s available on Unisport from today, so get it while they are on stock!

Find the New Balance BOWO pack right here and find your new boots!