Monday evening we could, for the very first time ever, invite you in for a live Q&A-session with you, Jakob, as well as Shawn Hoy and Collin Eder from Nike. They sat down for a serious round of boot talk, where the new Nike Hypervenom really got covered from top to toe.

It was a bit of a world première for us here at Unisport and it was therefore a very breathless Monday evening, as our boot guru Jakob, a little past eight could finally welcome Shawn Hoy and Collin Eder from Nike, as well as Jorma and Lukas. The virtual meeting about the exciting new Hypervenom was in our humble opinion a success, just as the boot in question, which is without a shadow of doubt, one of the biggest boot releases this year.

Via the Google Hangout-function Jakob, Lukas and Jorma could ask question directly to Colin Eder and Shawn Hoy, who were sat in Portland, USA and in the hour that followed the Hypervenom was completely unravelled and investigated. No stone was left unturned and every question was answered in spectacular detail from the other side of the pond, all while we could listen in from the comfort of our living room.

Shawn Hoy and Collin Eder could among many other things talking about how Nike have worked intensely on making sure the boot follows your foots movements and how they during the process studied football stars feet, so the boot felt just like wearing a sock. In fact Nike on several occasions had to ask the stars to take of their socks, so they could examine their naked foot, to the very smallest detail.

The one hour quickly flew by, with plenty of intriguing questions and points being raised along the way. Afterwards Shawn Hoy and Collin Eder joyfully stated that they couldn't imagine a better way to spend an hour and also praised Lukas and Jorma for asking such qualified questions. The Nike guys also let everyone know that they would be more than happy to attend an arrangement like this in the future.

That invitation is one we are sure to pick Nike up on and we would love to hear from you guys again some other time too, so you can have some of the most knowledgeable boot experts answer your questions. If you didn't get to see the Q&A-Session, then you can rewatch it down below:

We hope, you all liked the Q&A-session with Shawn Hoy and Collin Eder, where the new Nike Hypervenom really got studied closely. Would you like us to arrange a similar meeting again in the future? And what did you think was the best fact Collin and Shawn had? As always we would love to hear your comments here and on Facebook and Twitter.