Put some colours into the streets with the new Spectral Mode Predator sneaker


Written by Zlatko Popovic

The Spectral Mode took colourways for football boots to the next level last week, and now adidas has given us a brand-new Predator Tango 18+ sneaker, which is made in the same eye-catching pink colourway, as the Predator 18+ boot.

Spectral Mode Predator Tango 18+ Boost

It’s getting darker and colder outside, and many of us might already run around and say, ‘Winter is coming’. But adidas is of course here to help us all from the darker days, which some brand-new sneakers, that surely is going to put some colour into the autumn streets.

Adidas Predator have always provided some of the greatest football boots ever seen. To complete the Predator look, adidas has also launched their popular Predator Tango 18+ Limited Edition. It’s precisely the same as the boots, just made with a more visible Boost sole, which is incorporated in the sneaker. The boost technology will surely take comfort into a new dimension, while it also makes you comfortable when walking down the streets in your totally new Predator sneakers.

Spectral Mode on and off the pitch

If you are a Predator maniac, and just can’t get enough of the Predator collection, then this launch is just your cup of tea. The Predator Tango 18+ will surely let you complete your Predator look, after you have been out on the pitch getting the win in your new Spectral Mode Predator 18+ boots.

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