… incredibly hard to find. Therefore, we at Unisport, called on some help from a mysterious Mercurial man, who arrived in a Porsche to deliver the exclusive pair of boots to Joltter and also to pick out a winner. Come along and check out what happened.

Admitted! Finding a winner of the very exclusive Nike Mercurial XV R9 Chrome has been harder than we had ever imagined; remember, there are just 15 pairs in the whole world. We have had so many highly qualified and interested participants, and it has been next to impossible to single out just one winner.

Therefore, we called in some help from a mysterious Mercurial man to help us make the final decision on which of the participants will get the super exclusive, one of only 15 pairs worldwide, boot. Luckily the mysterious Mercurial man arrived in true Mercurial style, dressed in all black and in a fast Porsche to deliver the boots to Joltter, including a winner name. And the winner..

is not finally revealed yet. But we are getting very close to the final hour, and we therefore recommend that you keep it locked for tomorrow, when we exclusively will reveal the name of the person that the mysterious Mercurial man has picked out from the participants of our Google hangout event yesterday. If you missed it, you can see it down below.

Tomorrow we will show you all a YouTube video with the Mercurial man's decision. Here it will be fully official who is the winner of the pair number 13 of the Nike Mercurial Vapor XV R9 Chrome.

It is an absolute main event as we tomorrow, Friday, will show a video of the mysterious Mercurial man's decision. Are you ready? As always you are more than welcome to share your comments either here or on Facebook and Twitter.