Puma now launch a completely exclusive version of the Puma King, which is not just stunning to look at, but also a completely unique collectable. There are just 999 pairs worldwide, so it will be a great addition to any boot enthusiasts collection. You can see much more of the rare boot right here.

If you're not a fan of the colourful and explosively decorated Puma Powercat 1 Graphic, which Puma unveiled yesterday, then this Puma King Lux might be more your thing, with its unquestionable elegance and undisputed aura of sheer class. This is a boot for the picky enthusiast, who loves boots and loves exclusive and simple boots.

Just like we have seen it before from other brands, like Nike, with their Mercurial Vapor XV, then this Puma King Lux is very limited. Actually only 999 pairs will be made around the world, so this is definitely a collectable worth cherishing, should you get your hands on this exclusive leather boot.

Will you be getting the new Puma King Lux? You can already now order it right here – just €236.

As a nice little detail Puma have numbered each boots, so when you receive your pair of this nice boot, you can look inside it and see what number you are. This gives a true sense of being part of the proud Puma tradition.

It is a history that goes back many years, and among many other massive icons in the history of football, the Brazilian legend Eusebio graced the world with his football in the Puma King. That was back in the 60s and 70s, now it is players like Yaya Toure and Mikel Arteta, who we see playing in the nice Puma King.

Will you be getting the new Puma King Lux? You can already now order it right here – just €236.

Apart from getting a truly special collectable, with a rich history, you also get a boot, which is optimised to perfection. A proof of the great effort, which there has gone into the details is the upper, where you get a uniquely soft kangaroo leather. It gives a precise touch and comfort out of this world.

The protection is also under control on this Puma King, where a powerful heel counter has been fitted. This gives the boot great stability, while also protecting you from the worst knocks and tackles, should you get kicked down from behind by one of your opponents.

Will you be getting the new Puma King Lux? You can already now order it right here – just €236.

There can be no doubt that this Puma King Lux will look brilliant in any football collection and that it would suit any player on the pitch well too. It is an exclusive boot, where there really has been paid great attention to detail. The soft ball feel, the brilliant comfort and sensational touch comes together to make a boot, which still performs, even though it has been on sale for a good 50 years.

The new Puma King Lux is a very exclusive boot and with just 999 pairs in the world, you have to be quick, if you want to get your hands on them. What do you think about the Puma King Lux? Are you going to add them to your collection? As always we would love to hear your comments here, on Facebook and Twitter.