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Written by Zlatko

The winter is cold and hard, but this shall not stop your training. Biting cold winds, rainy or snowy days or colder days becomes no obstacle with the right winter training products. This will help you, so your performance doesn’t suffer, and you can play at the highest level all the time.

Winter training essentials

You might know this feeling. You’ve just started your practice and you’ve brought your normal training wear, which you always have used, and suddenly it starts to snow or rain heavily. This is a typical scenario in the Scandinavia, and trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who can’t move because your freezing.

But you can’t get through the winter by playing with layers and layers of clothing, which will slow you down and prevent you from playing at your best. Fortunately, some of the best brands out there got you covered with their latest winter training wear packed with the latest and most innovative technologies.

Keep warm with tracksuits

Tracksuits is one of the best ways to stay warm through the entire winter. You can skip layers and layers of clothing with the right tracksuits, so you are kept warm, while you don’t lose your speed or agility on the pitch. Furthermore, the perfect tracksuit will also lock you in, so you are you comfortable in every movement that you make at training or match.

Player gloves

One of the most, if not, the most essential winter training gear product. The player gloves are more than just gloves that keep your hands and fingers warm. They are made with the latest innovations, which gives you a nice and comfy fit and the best possible grip, so you can hold the football with the gloves on. No more cold fingers when taking a throw-in, or the hassle of taking of the gloves every time. It’s now time to let your knitted gloves stay in your training bag.

Optimised beanies for outdoor sports

Knitted beanies or beanies that are irritating you while running is over. You’re ensured in keeping onto the heat, which leaves you through the top of your body. Optimised beanies help you with not experiencing any discomforts or disturbing elements, during your training or matches.

Biting winds? No problems for a neckwarmer!

Neck warmers have always been a part of my training bag, and this year is no exception for me, especially with Nike’s new Snood! The neck warmers take your game to the next level, as they will remove any form of distractions letting you dominate through cold weather. The snood is packed with the latest technology, but other brands such as craft, Under Armour and many other also make quality neck warmers keeping you warm any time of the day during the winter.

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Baselayer for all ages

Baselayer is a must in every footballer’s bag, when going to practice or match. Nothing can really compare to baselayer, due to the tight material, which is kept at low weight, that also follows your natural movement. Baselayer gives a locked in feeling, while compressing your muscles, and transports you sweat so you don’t get chilled during training.

Baselayer doesn’t only come in adult sizes, and you can also find baselayer for the youngest footballers, because football never stops, even for youngest one. But you might think: What baselayer should I pick? Well we would always recommend you brands such as adidas and Nike, but you should definitely also take a look at the specialist from Under Armour, who makes some unmatched baselayer products.

Jackets for winter weather

You might also experience that some days are so cold, that even baselayer or tracksuits won’t keep you warm enough. You need to stay on top of your game with a jacket that won’t let you cool down. Choose either a rain jack for the rainy days, which is a lightweight jacket optimized for football, keeping you dry and allowing you to stay agile. But you can also get a winter jacket that will keep you warm no matter what, whether it’s on the side-line or on your way to and from the pitch.

Hi-Vis balls for the darkest days

Always keep your eyes on the ball, even it’s snowing or totally dark. A white ball can quickly become a spot in the dark, and this is something a bright Hi-Vis ball can help against, by staying visible through any weather, so you can focus on your game without any distraction or excuses.

Next level training equipment

When your teammates and opponents stop training, should you do the same? Put in some extra hours on the training ground, and we have all the stuff that you need. Training cones, ladders, hurdles you name it! You can also get the brand-new PLAYR SmartVest and SmartPod, which allows you to track your own training and get personal feedback on how to become better.

Run from the cold with running shoes

You might have experience showing up to a field and it’s closed, and you have to go back home disappointed. But instead of being disappointed, use this moment to do some exercise on your own. Always have a fresh pair of running shoes in your bag, so you can take a run and return to the pitch faster and stronger than other.

We are more than certain that these winter training essentials will take you through the winter without any problems, so you can keep improving yourself. Browse through our entire winter training gear assortment to find just what you need.

Find the products right here and get ready for winter.