Neck warmers

Why buy a neck warmer?

You should not be afraid of bad weather. As a knowledgeable man once said “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. A neck warmer is the perfect proof of exactly that.

When the cold winter season is over us, a cold and sore throat often accompany. If you want to reduce the risk of getting a cold, as a result of an unprotected throat in the ice-cold wind, a scarf or even better, a neck warmer, is the perfect solution for you. As you probably already know, your throat should preferably not be exposed to direct wind when the temperature reach the freezing point, and avoiding that, is exactly the purpose of a neck warmer, also known as a neck tube.

A neck warmer is an article of clothing that you wear about your neck, helping you keep you warm and protect you against wind and sand. Basically, it is a closed tube of fabric which is slipped on and off over the head. If you want to go even further, you can also get a neck warmer that protects your mouth, ear and nose. Most neck warmers are typically made in a thin very soft polyester, ensuring a comfortable neck comfort. A neck warmer is perfect for everyday use and of course also for physical activity like football, or just running in general. It takes very little space, it does not tangle with your jacket, and it is very comfortable to wear - In other words, a neck warmer is a must have equipment for all football players and athletes.

Neck warmer brands and colours

It is no surprise that the biggest sports brands in the world acknowledge the importance of a neck warmer for sports, and especially mens neck warmers is a big focus. We at Unisport have gathered some of the best and high quality neck warmers on the market.

Nike neck warmer

Nike neck warmers, are like almost all other Nike sports products, among the best on the market, and with their absolute top model, the Nike Snood neck warmer, Nike do not disappoint. The Nike neck warmers are made in 100% polyester. They come with the Dri-Fit tech, which keeps you dry and comfortable. The mouth and nose piece is made from mech which improves your breathability. Lastly, most of the Nike neck warmers you’ll find in our product range offers you protection for both ears, mouth, nose and most important the neck.

adidas neck warmer

The German sports brand adidas is of course also to be found in our product range of neck warmers. And once again, adidas do not disappoint. Among other, the adidas neck warmers are made in polyester and with a Climawarm tech, and a soft and brushed inside which is perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable.

Under Armour neck warmer

Even though Under Armour is a relatively new sports brand, the Under Armour neck warmers are still among the top of their league. The Under Armour neck warmers are made in 100% polyester, and comes with a Storm tech which keeps you safe from rain, snow and cold weather. Furthermore, the neck warmers offer you protection for both mouth, nose, ears and neck area.

Coloured neck warmers

Our range of neck warmers are made in a variety of different colours and designs. Some are very neutral and others has more bright colours. This gives you the opportunity to find the perfect neck warmer for your exact need.

Buy neck warmers online

We at Unisport make a virtue of helping you and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. Therefore, we constantly update our selection of neck warmers, to accommodate your exact needs. Not only do we present a big selection of neck warmers, we also aim to make your experience, and customer journey as seamless as possible, making it simple and descriptive. Even though we aim to make the perfect website, with relevant information, it every now and then happens that we missed something or simply haven’t explained something well enough. If you experience any misunderstandings or you simply has any questions, feel free to contact our customer service - you can find the relevant contact information at the footer of our website. Now, all you have to do, is pick your favorite neck warmer and make your order online at Unisport.