Singles' Day | 11 Items To Treat Yourself With


Written by Zlatko

Today is a great day to shop online and treat yourself with new football items you desire! Check out our 11 handpicked items that makes you a better football player on the pitch, whether you want a new pair of boots, club shirt, training gear or base layer to stay warm, we have what you want!

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11 Footballs Boots You Need
11 Indoor Shoes
11 Football Shirts You Need
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11 Footballs You Need
11 Sneakers You Need
11 Lifestyle Items You Need
11 Track Suits You Need - Badged Training
11 Items To Keep Warm During Winter
11 Items You Did Not Know You Needed!
Singles' Day is a Chinese holiday that celebrates being single and is by now the largest e-commerce event in the World. It was originally established in 1993 by Chinese students at the Nanjing University and falls on 11.11, because the date represents four ones, or four singles standing together. One-one-one-one. Single. Get it?

Psst. You don't need to be single to treat yourself today! Today is the day where you are allowed to treat yourself and buy the things you desire. Whether you are solo or settle, we at Unisport are spreading the self love on Singles' Day. What's not to love about that?

Happy shopping!

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Treat yourself! You deserve it