Top 5 indoor football shoes | The best indoor shoes 2021


Written by Zlatko

As winter is getting closer the indoor season has more or less kicked off. On this occasion, Unisport brings you a Top 5 list of indoor football shoes in 2021, put together by our most dedicated boot-nerd Jay-Mike. All indoor shoes are available at Unisport!

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#5 New Balance Audazo 5+ | #4 adidas Mundial Goal | #3 Joma Tactico | #2 Nike Premier 2 Sala | #1 Nike React Gato

Why should you buy indoor football shoes?

Indoor football shoes will not only improve your game but also minimize the risk of injuries.

First of all, you need a pair of indoor football shoes with a relatively grippy outsole. This will help you stay balanced and ensure a firm footing in those sharp twists and turns.

Another important thing is to get an indoor shoe with some good cushioning. Due to the fact that you will be running on a hard surface, your legs will receive a few more shocks and vibrations. The surface simply does not absorb as much energy as a natural grass surface, so you need a little extra cushioning to have a safe and comfortable experience.

We also recommend that your new indoor football shoes have a snug fit and good lockdown without feeling uncomfortable. The grippy outsole will keep the shoe in place on each step, but your foot will move around a bit inside the shoe. So if you get a stable midfoot and nice locked in sensation you will get a more responsive feeling and overall better indoor football experience.

5 - New Balance Audazo 5+

We start off our list with the New Balance Audazo 5+, a very comfortable and durable pair of indoor shoes that still offers an amazing touch on the ball. Give a bit of time and they will break in nicely to give you an excellent indoor experience.

The Audazo V5+ is actually inspired by running shoes to provide better comfort. So you will get a nicely cushioned outsole, a soft and pliable upper and an excellent lockdown ensured by the modern lacing system.

4 - adidas Mundial Goal

If you are a fan of leather you will not be disappointed with the adidas Mundial Goal. The upper ensures an extremely nice and comfortable fit that gives you that elegant old-school sensation of leather. Another option that offers the same feel, are Mizuno indoor shoes that can also be found at Unisport.

Consider getting your pair half a size down as they do run a little large in size.

3 - Joma Tactico

The Joma Tactico comes with a comfortable woven upper, that wraps close to your foot to provide a good fit and lockdown. What really sets them apart from other indoor shoes is the flexibility of the outsole, which is out of this world. Joma is considered a “futsal specialist” and you can really tell how serious they are about providing you that high-quality indoor experience.

Again we recommend you go half to a full size down, as Joma’s indoor shoes tend to run large.

2 - Nike Premier 2 Sala

In second place we find a people’s favourite, the Nike Premier 2 Sala. This piece of art and comes at a very attractive price point which makes them one of the best value for money indoor shoes!

With the Nike Premier 2 you get tons of things, and the most important thing could be the Lunarlon outsole. But you also get a plush suede upper, low toe box and a good amount of stability. PWG is almost speechless about this shoe and also highlights that there isn’t that much padding on the sides, which is in the way of your ankle to move. The Lunarlon outsole is magnificent, it’s supportive, has a good amount of shock absorption, while it also gives you a low-profile while being stable. There is a reason why the Nike Premier 2 is seen everywhere on the indoor courts.

1 - Nike React Gato

Our number one, for the second year in a row, is of course the Nike React Gato. They are simply a next-level quality pair of indoor shoes.

The big sell is the fit and upper which simply doesn’t get much more comfortable. It is so thin, so soft and has a coating that makes your touch feel sharp and responsive. The elegant and effortless feel you get on the ball is quite simply something else.

And yes, the Nike React Gato does come with a higher price tag, but when it is the best it is definitely worth it.

So that concludes our Top 5 of indoor football shoes for 2021. You can see the full video right below here for a more detailed version with JayMike, where you can also see some honourable mentions that didn’t make the list

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