Top 5 indoor football shoes | The best indoor shoes 2021


Written by Zlatko

As winter is getting closer the indoor season has more or less kicked off. On this occasion, Unisport brings you a detailed Top 5 list of indoor football shoes in 2021, put together by our most dedicated boot-nerd Jay-Mike. Let’s see what the hosts have in store for us.

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#5 adidas X Speedflow .1 IC | #4 adidas Spezial | #3 Premier II Sala | #2 Mizuno Premier 3 IC | #1 Joma Top Flex

Why should you buy indoor football shoes?

Indoor football shoes will not only improve your game but also minimize the risk of injuries.

First of all, you need a pair of indoor football shoes with a relatively grippy outsole. This will help you stay balanced and ensure a firm footing in those sharp twists and turns.

Another important thing is to get an indoor shoe with some good cushioning. Due to the fact that you will be running on a hard surface, your legs will receive a few more shocks and vibrations. The surface simply does not absorb as much energy as a natural grass surface, so you need a little extra cushioning to have a safe and comfortable experience.

We also recommend that your new indoor football shoes have a snug fit and good lockdown without feeling uncomfortable. The grippy outsole will keep the shoe in place on each step, but your foot will move around a bit inside the shoe. So if you get a stable midfoot and nice locked in sensation you will get a more responsive feeling and overall better indoor football experience.

5 - adidas X Speedflow .1 IC

Our number five on the list, the adidas X Speedflow .1 IC, is probably the closest you will get to an outdoor football boot in terms of feel. Because adidas has more or less taken the upper from the popular FG version and slapped it on a flat foam outsole. With the adidas X Speedflow .1 IC you will get an extremely thin upper, which provides a really close and sharp sensation on the ball. At the same time, the specially designed outsole will give you the necessary amount of grip and stability to allow you to perform your best on the court.

4 - adidas Spezial

The legendary adidas Spezial needs no introduction. And although they “only” made it as number 4 in our list, they are undoubtedly a people’s favourite during every indoor season. The soft suede upper and comfortable fit have made it a classic in indoor football and futsal.

3 - Premier II Sala

This indoor shoe is a piece of art and it only costs 80 Euros! You get tons of things, and the most important thing could be the Lunarlon outsole. But you also get a suede upper, low toe box and good amount of stability, which is modelled from the Premier II football boots. PWG is almost speechless about this shoe and also highlights that there isn’t that much padding on the sides, which is in the way of your ankle to move. The lunarlon outsole is magnificent, it’s supportive, has a good amount of shock absorption, while it also gives you a low-profile while being stable. It’s like this shoe is made to play indoor, and doesn’t take to low to break in.

2 - Sala Premier 3 IC

Moving on to second place on the Top 5 list we find the Mizuno Premier 3. Last year Mizuno already made a new shoe, which got in to the Top 5 easy. But this time they have improved a lot, such as the leather has become more flexible, the outsole is improved, they added a sock to the inside of the boot and removed the padding at the ankle for more freedom. But PWG can’t get enough of the flexibility of the shoe, which is out of this world. The Sala Premier 3 doesn’t feel bulky at all and features a lot innovative stuff, which makes your trip to the indoor courts almost perfect. But if you are looking for above the average indoor shoes, then these Mizuno Sala Premier is the way to go.

1 - Joma Top Flex

Are you surprised that it’s Joma on the first place, PWG and JayMike aren’t, even though they have been bashing Joma’s colourways the last couple of years. The shoes are pretty much the same as the ones from last year besides the colour update. The Joma Top Flex comes with a comfortable suede upper, it’s wide, stable and the outsole is the best out there. It’s one of those shoes where you feel that they are specifically tailored for indoor football. But they are also perfect for futsal because of the high-profiled toe box, which you can use for your cheeky toe pokes.

So this was our Top 5 of indoor football shoes for the winter. You can see the full video right below here for a more detailed version with JayMike and PWG, or see their mentionable indoor shoes that didn’t hit the list

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