Meeting the superstars | Unisport making special deliveries


Written by Zlatko

Our WebTV hosts have met many superstars throughout Unisport’s history. But the hosts have also had the opportunity to deliver new boots to the players, which they used in their games. We’ve made this page especially for you, who wants to join our journey and meeting the superstar!

It’s a great honour having the opportunity of meeting some of the best players in the world, while also delivering them a fresh pair of football boots. JayMike, Joltter and PWG can’t count how many superstars they’ve met throughout their time as WebTV hosts, which have led to awesome and funny moments. Watch through the videos to see who we’ve met, and you might learn new interesting things about your favourite players.

Neymar Jr.

It’s El Clásico time! JayMike had a special delivery for Neymar Jr. and went to Barcelona to meet the superstar. JayMike brought a new pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor XI, so Neymar Jr. could get ready for the big match against Real Madrid.

JayMike gave Neymar Jr. his pair for the El Cláscio and in return he gave us a pair of signed Mercurial Vapor, which we gave out to one lucky winner on our YouTube channel.

Olivier Giroud

While still being an Arsenal player, we got the opportunity to meet up with Olivier Giroud, and deliver him a new and customised pair of the PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1. Check out the video where Giroud receives the boots and shows of some skills, while having a good time with his new evoPOWER Vigor boots.

Edinson Cavani

Cavani was on the brink of beating Ibrahimovic’s all-time top scorer record at Paris Saint-Germain. Cavani only needed one more goal to beat 156 goals. Joltter had a special delivery for Cavani, which would help him seal the record, and it was a new pair of the latest Hypervenom 3 boots.

Joltter also had the opportunity to have little chat with the goal machine, Cavani, and they talked about the new Hypervenom 3 boots, how a striker’s mentality is and many other things. Cavani also signed a PSG shirt, which we have out to one lucky winner.

Serge Aurier

Leading up to the return leg of the Champions League match between PSG and Barcelona, we got the opportunity to meet up with the former Paris Saint-Germain player, Serge Aurier. We handed over a new pair of the Mercurial Superfly V Radiation Flare. Even though Aurier was ruled out of the first leg between the two clubs, he still had high spirit during the special delivery.

Check out the video, where Serge Aurier gets his customised Superfly V and takes them out for a spin, while having a good time with Unisport.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Before the 2018 World Cup, Joltter met up with Cristiano Ronaldo. The man who has won 5 Ballon d'Or, 5 UEFA best player in Europe, 1 European Championship and countless of Champions League and domestic trophies, sat down for a talk about his expectations towards the World Cup. During the meeting Joltter handed Ronaldo a new pair of the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI from the Just Do It Pack, which made him ready for the World Cup.

Watch the interview with Ronaldo, where he also answered some funny quickfire questions all in company with Joltter.

Kylian Mbappé

A bright new in the making, who has already taken the world by storm. Joltter met up with Mbappé, who already is a superstar in a very young age. Mbappé explains how he became the player he is, in such a young age, and how his mindset is to always being so calm all the time. Mbappé is also known of having a big interest in fashion, so Joltter hooked him up with a special “Unisport” Superfly VI boot.

Watch the video to learn more about Mbappé and get a small tutorial on how to the Mbappé celebration with Joltter.