adidas Cold Mode | Biting Cold? No problem!


Written by Zlatko Popovic

It’s time for a new adidas Pack. But the Cold Mode Pack isn’t just a new updated colourway or just an ordinary new release. The Cold Mode introduces a new innovation, which makes you ready to battle not only your opponents, but also the biting cold winds. Getting curious? Then read along!

adidas Cold Mode Pack

The new adidas Cold Mode Pack features colour updates for the Predator, Nemeziz and X boots, and they are made ready for the cold and tough months that we currently are moving in to. The boots are all made with eye-catching colours, which lets you get noticed on the pitch in the darker days, while also celebrating the coldest months of the year.

The three boots have all been made in individual colours, which means that you get a Nemeziz made in a solid burgundy coour, the Predator is made with a blue and white combo, while the X comes in greenish colours. But they all have one thing in common when it comes to the colourway, and that’s the soleplates. The X and Predator boot’s soleplates are made with splattered design, which is inspired by the snowy winter days, while the Nemeziz’s soleplates reminds me of the cold days with frozen lakes and icy roads.

The new Cold Mode Pack also has one more thing in common, which is the PrimaLoft™ insulation, made specifically for the winter days.

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PrimaLoft™ insulation | Keep your feet warm

Basically the PrimaLoft™ has one function, which is to keep your feet warm and comfortable during the coldest months of the year. The PrimaLoft™ is the pinnacle of performance materials and technologies, and it features insulations fibers that captures the body heat to make it the most thermally efficient synthetic insulation on the market.

The insulation fibers actually reduce the energy loss by up to 20%, which will insulate the warmth within the boot. But adidas has also taken the structure into consideration when using the fibers and have strategically placed them on the forefoot to keep your toes warm, so you can maintain your perfect ball control in the frosty weather. The inspiration for the PrimaLoft™ insulation comes from the pro players. You might have noticed Messi, Dybala or Bale travel to Russia to play Champions League matches, while the weather is -10 degrees or more outside, this can become pretty uncomfortable, and you might know the feeling of not feeling your toes.

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