Top 5 base layer products | Find out which products made the list


Written by Zlatko

There are different ways to play through the winter. Some feels comfy with multiple layers, while some prefer base layer products for a tight fit and great comfort. If you are the base layer type of player, then JayMike got you covered with this Top 5 list

JayMike is at it again, and this time he makes his Top 5 list over base layer products, that you should consider when playing outside in the cold, or if you just want to update your baselayer wardrobe. But why are we putting a focus on base layer? Well, if you have played with base layer in the cold winter nights, then you know that you’ll never go back to tracksuits or any other stuff besides base layer products. Let’s see what JayMike has in store for us, so we can get you inspired for the winter.

5 - Nike Pro Compression Utility Therma tights

These tights might be the ones to go for, if you are looking for base layer that keeps you warm, without making you feel uncomfortable. For 55 Euros you get a pair of tights, that are made from a woven material, which wicks sweat away from your body, so you’re kept dry. But the tights also feature an insulating, synthetic fleece like material, that circulates your body heat and keep you warm. The tights are made in a tight fit, while also stretches to give you the freedom that you need in your movement. Maybe the best nike base layer made for the winter?

4 – Storelli BodyShield shirt

This is actually two birds with one stone kind of situation. Besides helping you keep the warm during the winter, the Storelli Bodyshield shirt also offers some extra padding for extra protection. This is perfect if you aren’t the strongest player on the pitch if the game becomes a bit too rough for you. Many might say that his isn’t a shirt for football, but if you need a bit more protection, then 60 Euros for a baselayer shirt is the way to go, while also being well spent.

3 – Select Profcare Compression shorts

This might be one of JayMike’s all-time favourite base layer product, and he keeps coming back to it time after time. It gives you compression and a bit of the same sensation as Kinisio tape would do, which makes your muscles feel fresher, while it speeds up the recovery. They cost 74 Euros, but they are every penny worth, and JayMike argues that this might be the best money that he has spent on base layer.

2 – Nike Pro Utility Therma shirt

This is a no-nonsense base layer shirt, made with an extremely well fit, while also being tight, comfy and allows you to use your full range of motion. A nice addition to the shirt is the small mock collar, which help to keep your neck warm. The shirt is made from a nice fleece like materials, that keeps your body warm and dry. A lot of positive words for the Nike Pro Utility Therma shirt, and it might be just as good as the first place on the list.

1 – Under Armour ColdGear Compression shirt

On first place we find the Under Armour ColdGear Compression Mock Shirt. JayMike states this a being his favourite shirt, and has a tighter fit, thicker material and plusher and comfier without getting heavy or bulky. It’s like you are wearing a woolen sweater, with the feeling of not wearing anything. If you have to choose one thing from this list, then choose this product!

So this was JayMike’s Top 5 list of base layer products. The products are made perfect for the winter and will keep you warm and comfy during the next couple of months. You can find JayMike’s video just below here, where goes a bit more in depth with the products and also have some other mentionable base layer products, that didn’t get on the list.

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