New Copa 19+ | The first ever laceless leather boot


Written by Zlatko

The time has finally come! adidas is ready to present the first ever laceless leather boot. The Copa 19+ will be the latest adidas boot to feature no laces, which now means that you can get all the main adidas silos without laces.

adidas Copa 19+

If you love a classic, then the adidas Copa is just made for you. But if you’re the type that also needs the latest designs and technologies, then adidas has you covered with their latest laceless leather boot. They have taken the classic, no-nonsense leather boot, which they have updated for the no laces game. The Copa 19+ looks like something from the future, and it’s not only the looks, but also the technology behind the boot.

adidas still achieved to pack the boots with some awesome stuff, even though ‘it’s just a leather boot’, and we don’t even know where to start. Fusionskin, X RAY Vamp and Exoframe are some the new words and technology introduced with the new Copa 19+, so you might understand why we are so overwhelmed by the new Copa 19+ boot. This might just be a true masterpiece made by adidas.

Revolutionizing the DNA

Copa stands for pure class and it crafted for the artist, while being all about the effortless performance, and this is what the Copa silo is build on. The Copa 19+, is as mentioned, the first ever laceless boot, and it features the new adidas Fusionskin. It’s made to give the softest touch and a minimal water absorption, through a seamless upper, made from a supersoft K-leather. Furthermore, the Fusionskin, is a process of the leather treatment, which turns it into a technology. The Fusionskin is visible on the upper, as the Copa 19+ is made with a wavy construction.

The K-leather also includes the X RAY Vamp, which allows you to get your foot closer to the ball and reduce any form of slippage. The upper of the Copa 19+ also includes a lacesless Purecut, and this removes all the unnecessary layers, leaving you with a smoother and larger contact surface, with a maximised ball control area.

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Let’s turn our focus onto the soleplate, which has been modified a lot. adidas has equipped the Copa 19+ with a new Exoframe soleplate, which secures a more stabilized movement and enhanced traction, making the Copa faster than ever. The studs are positioned and shaped to optimize rotations on the pitch, so you can make sharp turns and rotations with the ball without any hesitations. adidas has also added two footshaped Ortholite inlays, that offers the best possible cushioning when running on the pitch, making you remember that the Copa is all about the comfort.

We’ve already seen the Juventus star, Paulo Dybala, debut the boots in yesterday’s match against Manchester United, and he’s also pretty excited for his new boots, as he also has been chosen for the front figure of the Copa silo. This means that it’s an ending chapter for Dybala and the adidas X boot. Interesting and bold move by both Dybala and adidas.

“It suits my style of play and my personal style too. The new boot has some great new features and a progressive design. I’m looking forward to seeing how far my game can improve with these boots.

adidas Copa silo

If you still love your laces, then don’t worry at all! You will still be able to rock the classic look with laces, as adidas continues their other price points with laces. This means you still can get the old top model Copa 19.1 with laces, or a price friendlier alternative as well. But another interesting thing about the Copa silo is, that adidas has combined the Copa with the Gloro, meaning that the adidas Gloro is back in a Copa Gloro 19.2 version. And you might start thinking back at the good old Beckham days, when looking on the fold-over tongue and the profile of the boot, as it looks pretty similar to the Predator boots, which Beckham wore back in the days.

We are so buzzed about this new Copa 19+ release, and just can’t wait to see what adidas has in store with this stunning boot. We are more than sure that the Copa 19+ is going to be visible on pitch the next couple of weeks!

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