New PUMA Attack Pack | Made for the most lethal in the game


Written by Zlatko Popovic

‘The best defense is a good offense’ might be one of the most used quotes within sports, and this is exactly what PUMA has used as inspiration for their latest PUMA Attack Pack. Read along if you always ready to attack on the pitch.

PUMA Attack Pack

PUMA Attack Pack is the latest colourway for the PUMA Future and ONE. The boots are made in in a white and green digi-camo design, taking inspiration from the army and their tactical mindset. The PUMA Attack Pack is made for the most attacking players, and you could say that the pack isn’t made for the defensive players, as PUMA puts focus on their most creative and lethal players for the Attack Pack. The Attack Pack is made to inspire the PUMA players to unleash their inner attacking instincts and break down the opponents bit by bit.

Power, fury or instinct are some of the ways that the PUMA ONE strikers are going to attack the opponents, when using the PUMA ONE Attack Pack on pitch. The PUMA ONE Attack Pack is made with a predominantly white base, while also featuring army green design elements. The Fusefit-technology on the evoKNIT collar is made with a green and dark faded design, which draws inspiration from the awesome army camouflaged soleplate, giving a complete Attack design. There are no boundaries for Agüero, Lukaku and Balotelli when they get the opportunity to end the game with the Attack Pack.

We mustn’t forget the creative players who uses agility, precision and creativity, to create the game and set up the offensive players. Their attacking mindset is there reason for all the attacks, as they orchestrate every move of the attack towards the opponent’s goal. The Future is made in a split army green and white design. The midfoot and heel is made in white, while the NETFIT area and evoKNIT sock is made in the army green design, which connects the Future and ONE boots together. The soleplate of the Future also comes with a digi-camo design, just in a brighter edition, which distinction the two types of players on the battlefield. The sky will be the limits for Griezmann, Reus and Suárez, when they are the pitch creating the attacking wave.

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