25 years ago, Nike came up with the slogan Just Do It, ever since then it has been synonymous with the American brand. To celebrate the slogans 25th birthday, Nike have given it a little twist with a new campaign, which focuses on the possibilities.

The name Nike used to be mostly associated with the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, but today we would wager that more people would connect the name with the American sportswear giant. For decades now they have continued to reinvent themselves and find new passion in all forms of sport. Nike have a unique position on the sportswear market and with the slogan Just Do It, they created a phrase that will always be associated with courage, willpower and fearlessness.

It is 25 years ago that Nike came up with the slogan and connection with that little anniversary, they have given it a little twist, so it now focuses on the possibilities you have. They do so with the aptly named campaign Possibilities, where they also urge all interested athletes to take part in the challenges, which they will put up on their homepage.

In the star studded trailer for the new campaign, you see the Spanish defender Gerard Pique, who is shown along the basketball comet LeBron James, the tennis ace Serena Williams and boxing titan Andre Ward. They hope to inspire all interested sports fans, because if you can play football, why not challenge the best. If you can run a mile, why not run marathon? The new campaign challenges us all to explore the possibilities, which sport gives you and never limit yourself.

Nike want everyone involved and they will therefore be presenting us with a number of interactive challenges through the Nike+ Running App, where people get to compete with themselves, as well as their friends. This way you get to see how you are doing compared to your friends and motivate you to do more.

Nike have for many years been famous for their slogan 'Just Do It' and now the sports giant launch a new campaign, which focuses on the possibilities and not to limit yourself. Do you dare to dream big? And what do you want to achieve with your football? As always we would love to hear your comments here, on Facebook and on Twitter.