Get to learn the Copa at World’s Best Football Store


Written by Zlatko Popovic

It’s time for a new installment in our popular initiative zone at World’s Best Football Store in the heart of Copenhagen. This time we put focus on the latest adidas football boot, the Copa silo, so let’s see what the Flagship Store has in store for us

Copa 19+ Initiator Pack

When standing in front of the amazing Unisport Flagship you instantly see the Initiator Pack image of Dybala, which is a true initiator on the pitch, and just after your first step inside the Flagship Store you instantly get the feeling of redefining touch. The initiative zone has gotten a new makeover, which gives you a better understanding of what touch is.

The floor of our Copa 19+ initiative zone is made with a fingerprint pattern, which is all about the new DNA, which the Copa silo has gotten with their latest innovative boot. In our initiative zone in our Flagship Store, in Central Copenhagen, you can experience the new Copa boots in real person, and if you haven’t had the time to see it before. Furthermore, you can also use our area to read more about the innovative boots or watch more about them.

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The launch of the Copa 19+ is a great reason for you to visit our Flagship Store in Copenhagen, as it’s a completely new boot, which you just have to try on yourself. So, go to our store, grab a pair in your size, and hit the boot room and test them out. The entire Initiator Pack has also been made visible on the adidas boot wall in the store, which means that you can get all the popular adidas silos and in different price point. If the Copa 19+ isn’t something for you, or if you prefer laces, then try out the Copa 19.1 instead or another price point. We also have them in kids’ sizes, so the youngest initiators can get their boots for the season.

Remember that the installments are updated, so remember to our Copa 19+ initiative zone before it’s too late, so you can experience the whole new Copa 19+.

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