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Written by Zlatko

PLAYR is one of the most awesome football products at the moment. We wanted to give you more insights on how the PLAYR SmartVest, SmartPod and app works, so we sent Yasin out in the cold to test it out!

PLAYR interview with Yasin

We have interviewed 15-year-old Yasin, who on daily basis plays for the Copenhagen team BK Frem’s under 17 teams. We wanted to learn more about the PLAYR’s cool features and how he worked with it, so let’s get on with the interview to learn more about PLAYR.

First of all we wanted to know how many times he used the PLAYR and in which occasions. To this he answered that he used the PLAYR SmartVest and SmartPod during 4 training sessions at his club, while he also used it during a match. ‘The purpose was to see how much I ran during the training, while comparing it to how much I ran during matches and compare these stats’. As we know the PLAYR has a perfect fit, and comes in different sizes, which makes it possible for you to use it on bare skin or above a shirt, so you can use it any time you ball.

I really like the PLAYR as I can use it to develop myself as a football player.

We also asked Yasin about the things he liked the most about the PLAYR, as the product is made for different purposes. Yasin really focused on the part of developing yourself as a football, and really liked the PLAYR as it motivates him to become even better. ‘I really like the PLAYR as I can use it to develop myself as a football player. An example of this was during my training where I ran 6 Km. This motivated me to run even more the next training session, so I kept pushing my limits every time’ – And this is what the PLAYR Is all about. It gives you the tools you need to become even better from session to session, so never stop the hustle.

Yasin also spoke a bit about the fit of the PLAYR SmartVest, and he really didn’t feel the vest while playing, which is awesome as it doesn’t give you any restriction on the pitch. This was a thing that he was really fond of and was one of the reasons to why he liked the SmartVest so much. PLAYR has also designed the SmartVest so it doesn’t give you restriction, while making it possible for you to move freely.

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We also touched the topic of functionality, as it is one of the key features of the gadget. PLAYR has stated that it’s pretty straightforward, you only insert the SmartPod into the SmartVest and you’re up and running, which Yasin also agreed on. ‘In the beginning it was a little bit hard to find out how it worked, but if you just read the manuals then you are good to go in no time, and you get used to it quickly. The same goes for the app, as soon as you know the function and how they work, then you can use it with ease’.

My favourite 3 function in the app is the function where I can see how many Km I ran, the heat map and min top speed

As we all know the app is packed with awesome features, so we wanted to hear what a young baller though was nice. Yasin liked the function where he could see how man Km he ran, the heat map – where he could see his movement on the pitch, and the top speed where he could see how fast he was. 'After each training session or match I always hurry back to the locker room to sync my phone with the SmartPod to find out out how much I’ve runned and I get either very happy or very disappointed, but this motivates me to run even more during my training or matches'.

One of the functions on the app that we really liked here at Unisport was the feature where you could compare your stats with the pro’s, so we just needed to hear him out regarding this: 'I think it’s out of this world, this function just motivates me even more to become a better footballer. I always wanted to compare myself to the pro’s, and now it’s possible through the PLAYR app. I can see if I ran as fast as a pro and see how I do compared to them'.

I have a couple of friend and teammates that also bought the PLAYR after I used it and now, we can compare each other and become even better

It isn’t only possible to compare yourself to the pros. You can actually also compare yourself with your friends to find out who did the best during the sessions. 'I have a couple of friends and teammates that also bought the PLAYR after I used it and now, we can compare each other and become even better. After each training we compare our stats and see who did it the best'.

The PLAYR is an awesome gadget for every football player out there who wishes to become even better. Compete or compare with your friend or the pro’s and improve yourself from session to session. The PLAYR is the perfect gift and that’s also why it’s Unisport’s Christmas gift of the year, so be sure to get this if you know a footballer! Please note Christmas delivery is no longer possible.

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