adidas Archetic Pack | Preseason hasn’t looked like this before


Written by Zlatko

A new year has started, and this also means that it’s time for new preseason preparations. We’ve reached the time for blackout boot as adidas presents their take with the latest and stunning Archetic Pack.

adidas Archetic Pack

Winters darkest moment is beginning to show its shape as the new year has begun, and this is something that your really experience in some parts of Europe at the moment. The darkest moments are the time where you take your preseason game to new heights. It is in these darkest moments that blood, sweat and tears are being transformed into results, that is going to light up the pitches.

adidas is ready with their Archetic Pack, which will take you down to a gloomy and mysterious universe. The Archetic Pack is equipping the adidas football boots with a stunning pitch black colourway with fantastic details, that are inspired by the incredible colours of Antarctica. Put in the hard work in the shadows and become even better just in time to break through and end the games. Be the architect that the team need and create your own success with the latest adidas Archetic Pack; and did you know that they adidas boot have gotten even better prices? Found out more in the bottom of the blog!

Archetic Pack Predator and X

The Predator 19+ comes with a cold-blooded look, as the blackout colourway features red details on the collar, soleplate, Primeknit upper and adidas brandings, giving it a true Predator vibe. The Predator 19+ features the updated Controlskin on the front part of the boot and this improves your touch and control, giving you an amazing control in all kind of weather conditions.

The adidas Archetic Pack X 18+ is inspired by the coldest areas of the Antarctica. The blackout colourway features icy blue details on the heel, soleplate and adidas branding. Use your extreme explosive speed to blast past your opponents and freeze them in the spot with not time to react on your movement. The adidas X 18+ features a revolutionary stretchable material, that provides an ultimate lockdown and stability. The laceless design is optimised for an explosive speed made with a low cut silhouette. Continued below

Archetic Pack Nemeziz and Copa

The adidas Archetic Pack Nemeziz 18+ takes the best of both worlds, as it combines the blue and red colours, which just might be the best look of the Archetic Pack. All details on the Nemeziz 18+ splits the blue and red details. The 360Agility Bandage System is made in a primarily red and black combo, while some blue details are added to it. The well-known 3 Stripes on the side and the soleplate offers a good blend of colours in the details. If you’re a sucker for blackout boots, just like me, and want some flashy details, then this is the boot to go for!

Lastly, we mustn’t forget the Copa 19+, and we just have to say that this colourway is just perfect for the Copa 19+. Leather and blackout colours simply never fail, and when you add some icy details on the super shiny soleplate, then you can’t argue against it. As something extra, the 3 Stripes on the side are made iridescent, which is a cool feature when running around during the dark while having the floodlights lighting the boots up. The Copa 19+ is still one of the of the newest football boots on the market and offers some innovative technologies such as: Fusionskin, X RAY Vamp and a super soft K-leather, which has revolutionized the DNA of the boot.

As something new adidas also launched the new Copa silo featuring a laceless upper. But you can still get the Copa 19.1, which features laces, if you need laces on your boots. If you’re an even classier player and need a tongue on your boots, then the Copa silo also offers and iconic Gloro boot made in a 19.2 version. Here you get the classic tongue just as you saw it on Beckham’s boots, back in the good old days.

New prices on some of the best boots

These new adidas football boots are part of a new pricing level, which means that you can get the most popular and innovative boots on the market for a more affordable price. Let’s quickly run through the prices, so you get a better overview on what’s happened. The Predator 19+ has been updated, which means that you get an even better boot and is now priced 279.95 Euros, compared to the Predator 18+ which was priced 299,95 Euros. Moving onto to the Nemeziz 18+, which now is starting at a price of 279,95 Euros, while the previous collections costed 299,95 Euros. Lastly, the X 18+ is one of the most popular boots on the market and starts at 279,95 Euros, while the 17+ was at 299,95 Euros. So, all in all these are great news, as you can get more innovating technologies for a better price, making you able to run as fast as Salah, control the game as Pogba or score the goals as Messi.

The Archetic Pack is available at Unisport from today, so if you need some boots for the preseason, then these are the ones to go for.

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