adidas Exhibit Pack | Time to show your Exhibit on the pitch


Written by Zlatko

We’ve already been through the Initiator Pack and Archetic Pack, which focused on the initiators and architects of the game, now it’s time to show the Exhibit they’ve been doing. Made with a colourful take, the Exhibit pack makes your ready for more memorable moments.

adidas Exhibit Pack

It’s time for you to become the main attraction, it’s your show, it’s your time to dominate the pitch with your skills and results. You’re the Exhibit, so there’s no time to be anonymous and hide in the crowd of players. The stars of the game: Salah, Bale, Dybala, and the rest of the adidas team will all be highlighted as the Exhibit on the pitch, with these new colourful adidas football boots. Get your performance noticed with these new boots as you make an Exhibit for all to enjoy. Furthermore, the Exhibit Pack the new favourable and updated prices, which you can learn more about by reading along in this blog.

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Exhibit Pack Predator 19+ and Nemeziz 18+

The Predator 19+ from the Exhibit Pack comes with a Royal blue colour, that combines artistic red shades on the updated Primeknit upper, while a volt and red combo is featured on the inside of the collar. I can’t stop imagining how Paul Pogba, Dele Alli and Mesut Özil are going to paint the green canvas with their artistic and imaginative play style, while wearing the new Predator 19+. Tnes he heel and soleplate combiboth the Royal blue colour with a silverish colour, that completes the Exhibit. As something extra, the Sockfit construction also features red details when stretched, which just makes this Predator even more desirable! You also have to remember that the Predator 19+ has gotten that better price meaning that it now costs just 280 EUR, while the previous Predators costed 300 EUR, that’s some nice stuff right there!

Moving on to Agility, and here I must say that once again adidas has given the Nemeziz 18+ mad love! Just stare at the electric Volt colourway with the 3 blue Stripes on the side, no more words needed. Well, I’m going to tell you a word or two more because this boot is going to make you visible on the pitch, while you present your Exhibit for the entire world to see it. Just think about Firmino creating magic in the box, or Messi dribbling on the right flank, combining these boots with the Barcelona Away Kit. I’m really getting electrifying by thinking about this! Just like the Predator 19+, the Nemeziz 18+ also has its price update, so you can get the Nemeziz 18+ for 280 EUR!

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Exhibit Pack Copa 19+ and X 18+

The Archetic Pack vibes continue into the Exhibit Pack, as it creates a relation towards the architects, that now finally can Exhibit the magic that they have worked on during the winter. The Exhibit Pack Copa 19+ comes with a black colourway as base, while Voltish colours are featured on the monotongue construction and collar, while the Volt colour also highlights the iconic 3 Stripes on the side of the boot and COPA brandings on the heel. The Copa also feature a solid soleplate, as Volt and black is mixed together to give you a stunning design, like we know the Copa 19+ to have. Dybala is, as always, going to be the main athlete for the Copa, as he is going to pull the strings for Juventus, while having these boots on and the Juventus 3rd Shirts, which is going to look sick on pitch.

Let’s end the Exhibit tour with a glance on the speed section, as the X 18+ will let you get noticed without a problem on the pitch. I can’t figure if the Nemeziz or the X Exhibit Pack boot is the best, so let’s agree to give them a shared first place, as this red and blue colourway is astonishing. You can really feel that adidas takes pride in doing some awesome stuff with their boots, and the Exhibit Pack X 18+ is no exception. Besides the full red upper, adidas also played a lot with the Skeletalwaeve, as it looks like silver threads, that are pulled through the upper. Furthermore, the silver colour is also included on the 3 Striped and the split silver and blue soleplate! Salah, Bale and the rest of the X gang is going to rip defences apart, and being spotted in every second of the action with these new beauties!

You’ll without a doubt be spotted in an instant with these new Exhibit Pack boots, when you are doing your Exhibit on the pitch. Are you interested in getting your own pair? Then pre-order your boots at Unisport exclusively from today!

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