The #unisportlife winners of 2018


Written by Niclas

Did you know that you can win awesome football prizes when you share your #unisportlife? Well, now you know! Let's take a look at the best #unisportlife pictures from 2018.

Picture of the week

Picking winners amongst all the #unisportlife pictures on Instagram isn't easy. But every week, we're going through the pictures to find the one we like the most. If you're lucky enough to be picked as Picture of the week, you'll win a #unisportlife T-shirt! Becoming Picture of the week also means that you will have the chance to win Picture of the month! Here are some of the weekly winners from 2018.

Picture of the month

At the end of every month, we look through the weekly winners to find the very best picture. If you're lucky enough to make it this far - you've secured yourself a football shirt free of choice AND the chance to win Picture of the year! Here are the monthly winners from 2018.

Picture of the year

This is the big finale! When the year is over, we look back at all the amazing #unisportlife pictures you've shared with us. And out of the 12 monthly winners, we will pick one that will be named as the Picture of the year! The price for this a pair of football boots, free of choice from our huge assortment! The winner of 2018 was @torster_s from Thailand with this amazing picture.


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This competition is a way for us to show our appreciation to you guys! We appreciate all the #unisportlife pictures that are shared on Instagram, so keep on sharing your best football moments. Maybe you're the next winner? Make sure to also keep up to date with all the latest launches by following us at Instagram, Facebook and YouTube