It is not just the summer that should be celebrated, and we are therefore now ready to celebrate the autumn, and we do that with some help from Adidas and the launch of their elegant and colourful versions of their most popular boots. We are thankful for the Germans, and show our appreciation with a brand new campaign site.

To put it short and precise – We do not miss the summer here at the Unisportstore Headquarters. Reason? With the new autumn colourways for our favourite boots we have gotten plenty of joy to keep us warm. This very much including the autumn collection from Adidas, where their most popular boots have gotten brand new colours. In this brand new campaign we celebrate the lovely autumn and take a closer look at the new boots from Adidas.

One of the boots that have gotten a new colour is the Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0. It is the newest boot silo from Adidas, but none the less it got the honour of getting the Champions League colours, which we consider quite an achievement. The new colourway has already been getting significant player support, and the elegant red Nitrocharge has on multiple occasions been spotted on the feet of Steven Gerrard

The Electricity/Hero Ink/Metallic Silver Adidas F50 Adizero has also gotten a successful start. In front of a jam-packed Bernabeu, Gareth Bale wore the boots as he was presented as the worlds most expensive footballer. Since then we have seen the boot on the feet of numerous players, who are showing the way to the back of the net.

Lots of goals is also something we can associate with the Adidas Predator LZ II in the new Blue/Orange/White colourway. One of them could be seen in the Champions League from the midweek, and that from a rather prominent gentleman. Arsenals Mesut Özil proved why the Predator LZ II is a control boot, as he scored a beautiful début goal in Arsenals victory against Napoli. The blue colour has rapidly become a favourite among a lot of stars, and we will of course also take a closer look at it in our campaign.

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If you are looking to see more to the autumn colourways for the most popular Adidas boots, then come along and stop by our new campaign site right here. What do you think of the Adidas autumn collection? And which boot is your favourite? Feel free to share your comments here, or on Facebook and Twitter.