It has been quite a while since we have reviewed the top balls found round and about on the market, and now is the time to get this sorted. Therefore we have taken a close look at the top balls from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mitre and Select, which Joltter will review today. Come along and find out which footballs he prefers.

To get a good football match going you need a number of things, and the ball itself is definitely a necessity. The little round thing has experienced an incredible development, and here in 2013 they are more aerodynamic and better at keeping their shape than ever before. But which of the many balls is actually the best?

Today, Joltter will take a look at the Adidas CL Finale, Nike Incyte, Puma PowerCat 1.12, Mitre Delta and the classic Select Brillant Super. But is the Brillant actually as super as Select say, is the CL Finale a ball for the champions league, and is Incyte really the world's best football, as Nike says? We will now tell you our opinion in today's episode of Unisport WebTV.

Adidas Champions League 13 Finale is the ball that, as the name implies, is used in the Champions League on the very biggest European scene. The ball with the iconic stars is made with Adidas' thermal-bonding technology, and has hereby been put together by the means of heating, not stitching. Despite the very interesting design, the ball travel through the air in a very stable manner – but is this enough to for Joltter to like it?

Nike Incyte is used in the world's three biggest leagues – Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, and Nike communicates that this is the the best football in the world. The Incyte is equipped with 5 layers, which serve to ensure a good and stable flight, as well as good response and speed as you strike the ball. Can the Incyte live up to it's name?

Puma Powercat 1.12 is built with 20 panels in stead of the more traditional 32, and the ball should therefore be more stable as it travels through the air – at least according to Puma. In addition, the Powercat 1.12 is equipped with the Puma Airlock, that ensures that the ball will keep air longer than normally. But is the Powercat 1.12 truly powerful?

Mitre Delta V12 comes from the English brand that has always been known to produce high quality match balls. And Mitre has also dubbed their Delta V12 the most advanced match ball ever made. The combination of the 12 panels and the texture of the surface is supposed to give the ball a stable flight through the air, even when travelling at a speeds of more than 110 km/h. Is this really true – and is Mitre able to keep the same high level as we know them for.

Select Brillant Super does not need further introduction, at least not for us based in Denmark. The ball is used by the Danish national team, among others, and is highly popular with the demanding Danish football crowd. It is built with a classic 32 panel structure, but the latest generation of the Brillant Super is more lively than its predecessors. The Brillant Super is, by many, regarded as the best ball you can find out there – but is it really?

In other words, Joltter surely had his work cut out as he began reviewing the five top balls – but what was the verdict, and which ball is the favourite? Check it out in the episode above – and remember that you can dig deeper into the technologies of the footballs in our Behind the Balls video right below.

Which ball is your favourite out there right now – and which of the footballs have you been using? Feel free to share you comments in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.