Northern Lights EA SPORTS jersey | Get the jersey exclusively at Unisport


Written by Zlatko

We’ve previously seen EA SPORTS do some collaboration with some of the most popular adidas football clubs in the world, and now they’re ready with a new jersey, which is a jersey that only is available in the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode and at Unisport!

EA SPORTS Northern Lights

The EA SPORTS jerseys are in general a very popular feature in the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode, as the players can customise their club after their own wishes. EA SPORTS is slowly getting more and more jerseys out there for you to get, and now they are ready wit ha new exclusive jersey, as they have teamed up with FOKOHAELA, which is football jersey designer, to create the Northern Lights jersey. The Northern Lights jerseys will only be available in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode and exclusively at Unisport, as we’ll be the only retailer to get these Limited Edition EA SPORTS jerseys.


The Northern Lights jersey is inspired by an Aurora Borealis, which also is known as Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis is caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun, that enters the earth’s atmosphere, and this created a show of colour in the dark evening sky. Some people in the Northern part of Scandinavia have been lucky to experience this, as location in the northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finnish Lapland are the best places to experience the Aurora Borealis.

EA SPORTS collaborated with the German based fashion brand FOKOHAELA, that specialises in making football jerseys with a twist, and their name actually originate from the German word for ‘mullet’, which is the fun fact of today. FOKOHAELA focusses in equal parts of fashion, sports and irony, and Jason Lee – Founder & Creative Director of FOKOHAELA had the following to say about the collaboration:

Having had the opportunity to design for and collaborate with my favorite brands and teams, it’s exciting to expand my work to EA SPORTS FIFA and bring fans in the Nordics and all over the world a jersey that lets them stand out on the pitch in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

The EA SPORTS jerseys will bring a piece of Nordic nature to the football fans all over the world, and are you a diehard FIFA Ultimate Team fan, or a person that takes the Ultimate Team lifestyle serious outside the virtual pitch, then make sure to check out or raffle today at 19:00 CET at Unisport!

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