It looks like there is very exciting news on the way from German Adidas. A brand new video has been published, that features the keyword 'Enlightened'. We now take a closer look at what could be in store for us right here – come along.

A glimpse of light breaks out and lights up the pitch. It seems that there is truly exciting news on the way from Adidas, who have just launched a new video with the keyword Enlightened. It sure looks like Adidas have something new in store for us.

We do, although, need to wait a little to find out exactly what the Germans have got coming for us. To be more precise, it looks like October 22nd is the day we are all waiting for. Until then we must try to wait patiently and wonder what the word Enlightened entails and which references it will include.

It all started Friday afternoon, where Adidas launched a picture to their social media with the outline of a floodlight in the background and the text: “the enlightened” in bold, as well as the date 22/23 of October. In other words, Adidas have not given out much information for now, but let's see if we won't know a little more over the next few days.

Here at Unisportstore we will keep a close eye on what Adidas have got up their sleeves, and what the word Enlightened is telling us. We will keep you posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so if you are as curious as us, then it might be a good idea to come along.

It looks truly exciting, whatever Adidas have got in store for us. What it is that they have been working on, we will have to wait a few days to know; but for now we can start wondering about the keyword *enlightened and what that really means. Are you as excited as we are? And what do you think they have in store for us? As always, feel free to leave a comment either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.*