Monday of this week the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7 landed, with a daring and wild design, and Nike have naturally also updated Cristiano Ronaldo's wardrobe, and you can hereby show off the Ronaldo style everywhere. We take a closer look at the new and fresh additions to the wardrobe.

We have seen it so many times. Cristiano Ronaldo knows no boundaries on the pitch. At least he refuses to accept that there are things he cannot do on the pitch. For example he has scored more goals for Real Madrid than the number of games he has played for them, and in this season of the Champions League he has scored no less than 7 goals in just 3 games. Clearly he also deserves his very own very unique football boot, which is inspired by space – the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7 Galaxy.

But he also has his very own style off the pitch. When he is not wearing his Real Madrid or Portugal kits, he displays himself as the unique personality that he is, and Nike have launched a brand new clothing line that displays Ronaldo's ground-breaking attitude both on- and off the pitch.

The new Nike CR7 collection takes departure in the new design from the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7, but there has also been room to move further than the Galaxy colours and play with the style, the design, as well as the overall expression of the collection. All together, it reflects the unique personality of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo's style is in every way unique, and follows him wherever he goes. When he is on the pitch, at a press conference, writing autographs or when he is just relaxing as the private person that he naturally also is. It's an attitude, a way a approaching life and an understanding of aesthetics, that makes Cristiano Ronaldo a fashion icon.

Nike have worked hard to create a unique clothing collection. Just as Ronaldo works hard every day to improve his play. One of Nike's designers behind the collection describes, what it is that makes Ronaldo so unique: “ He is one of the most dedicated athletes on the planet, not just in football but in any sport. I would guess that if you ask any team mate of his “who puts in the most hours to become a better player?” the majority would say Cristiano.”

With the new CR7 collection, Nike truly underline that Ronaldo out of this world, and a unique person. Not just on the pitch but also off the pitch, and they have surely put a lot of effort into this unique clothing line.

A shirt that really jumps at you, from the CR7 collection is the Nike Training T-shirt CR7 Navy, which has the unique Galaxy design, like the one we know from the new Ronaldo signature boot. The stylish pattern is based around blue and black colours and the shiny glistening stars, which will definitely look good on the star above them all, Cristiano Ronaldo. Produced from Nike's Dri-Fit material, the shirt is perfect for training and for shining like Ronaldo and the other stars on the shirt.

It is however not just at training you can display Ronaldo's confident style. With the two shirts, the Nike – T-shirt CR7 Hero Black and Nike - T-Shirt CR7 Hero White there can be no doubt who your favourite player is. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and are therefore very comfortable to wear and have a nice fit.

If you like to dress casual, but still want to support Cristiano, then Nike also have a pair of CR7 training trousers. They are both simple and have the Cristiano Ronaldo style. With the Nike – T-shirt CR7 Core Blue and Nike – T-shirt CR7 Core White, you have quite a few shirts to choose from, when the alarm rings in the morning and it's time to get up and get dressed for the day.

The new CR7 collection is made to represent Cristiano Ronaldo's full lifestyle and it doesn't just stop at a couple of t-shirts. Nike have also made a pair of nice training trousers in collaboration with Cristiano. With the Nike – Training Trousers CR7 you get a great experience, no matter if you are going for a kick about, or just want a comfortable trouser to wear, when dosing about.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a global icon and his every move is followed with great attention. Therefore he can with the Nike – Jacket CR7 Overlay FZ Hoodie make sure that he is never caught on an off day. The shirt is stylish, yet simple and has a few cool features, which makes it perfect for battling the cold. The front and the hoodie have been given a overlay from nylon, so it protects you from the wind.

It is a rare occasion that Cristiano Ronaldo finds himself on the bench. When he is on the bench, or injured, the Portuguese needs to stay warm and when it does get cold it is only right for CR7 to pull on the Nike – Hoodie GF New Masters Grey/Black. The shirt has a smart pocket on the front and enveloping hood, which makes for a sharp look that matches the unique talent that is Cristiano.

If Ronaldo can't quite keep warm in his hoodie and needs a jacket, he will be well equipped with the Nike – Saturday Summerized CR7, which really proves the CR7-style is about far more than football boots and T-shirts. The jacket has a unique and modern design and it is made with the very strong Storm-Fit material, which is still very comfortable.

Should Ronaldo feel like training a but, when he is walking around in his causal CR7-outfit, then he can quickly pull on his Nike – Training jacket Amplify. On top of a unique design, then the training jacket also has Thermal-fit, which keeps the body warm when training.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has style and that is both on and off the pitch. This has been passed on by Nike, with this CR7-collection, where you can dress like Ronaldo. What do you think about the collection? And which of the cool collection products do you like the best? We would love to hear from you in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.