We have said it before, and we will say it again; the winter is coming to us. Luckily we are well prepared for it, and therefore we have also wrapped up our WebTV host, Jakob, in a whole range of winter essentials and sent him out to do a review on some of the most important equipment. Come along!

It is already knocking at our door. It is rapidly getting colder, and also darker, and all of a sudden the first snow will fall. There is no stopping the winter from coming upon us in this part of the world, but that is not gonna keep us away from the best place we know – the football pitch.

Therefore, we have sent Jakob out to the local pitch, well wrapped up in some of the most important equipment for the winter, and from here he delivers a review on what equipment gets the job done, and which that doesn't. The aim with the winter equipment is rather simple: the clothes need to keep you warm, as the winter cold comes creeping; but it also needs to be light, give you freedom of movement and made of some comfortable materials, so it feels good to wear.

If you would like to see what equipment that managed to impress Jakob and keep his body warm, then you better check out the video review. The options are plenty, both Under Armour's Coldgear and Nike's Hyperwarm collection are put under Jakob's critical review lens, just as the Under Armour gloves are put to quite a test as they try to prevent cold fingers.

Among the most important things for the winter cold is definitely a proper base layer, that will keep a decent body temperature and also wick the sweat from your body. Here you will find both the Nike Hyperwarm and the Under Armour ColdGear among the market leaders, and if you would like to know which of the two base layer shirts Jakob prefers to put on his body, you better come along and check out the video.

With the right equipment on your body, the winter training doesn't have to feel like a chore. We can all agree that football is better when you are not cold and your body is well functioning. Therefore it is important to have the right equipment in your closet, so even the worst weather will not hinder your football play. So, if you wanna make sure to get the right equipment, come along and watch Jakob's review.

The winter is closing in. We can't really stop that. But as long as the equipment is right, we are ready to to take up the fight with even the toughest winter cold. What do you think of the video? And what equipment do you use during winter? Feel free to add a comment in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.