Cristiano Ronaldo has started a cooperation with Danish JBS, who provide a very elegant underwear- and sock collection with the name CR7 Underwear. The collection displays the elegance and style associated with the Portuguese star. We take a closer look at the collection right here.

It is considered quite a scoop for the Danish JBS brand to have closed the deal the superstar. We are talking about nothing less than quite possibly the biggest football icon on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid star and JBS have joined forces to deliver a brand new underwear- and sock collection, which looks to blow up quite well.

The underwear and sock collection is to display and represent the style and elegance which has become synonymous with Cristiano Ronaldo. Both when he is on the pitch, as well as when he makes appearances off the pitch. Style conscious and confident, Ronaldo takes the spotlight whether it be at Bernabeau or on the red carpet.

The CR7 Underwear has been developed in close cooperation between Cristiano Ronaldo and new York designer Richard Chai. Everything from the development of the design, the colours and the the choice of fabric has been agreed on in close cooperation. In other words, nothing has been left to chance and both Ronaldo and Chai have created an underwear- and sock collection, which they can both be very proud of. In the CR7 underwear collection you will find both boxer shorts and socks.

As any proper collection, we here also find a range of different models, so you can be sure to find a match according to your personal preference. Whether you are looking for traditional underwear or maybe the more exclusive models, with nothing but the best fabric, it's all there.

You can see much more of the new JBS and Cristiano Ronaldo underwear- and sock collection right here.

If you are looking for the traditional style underwear, fear not. These CR7 Briefs are simple and elegant both in grey, black and white. They are made of a cotton-stretch material to ensure a close-fitted result with no irritation. Equipped with an elastic waistline that writes CR7 – there is no doubt who is the man behind this underwear.

Boxer shorts are certainly a popular piece of clothing, and Richard Chai and Cristiano Ronaldo have produced some elegant and simplistic boxer shorts, that we believe will be very popular. We, again see the cotton-stretch material, and you are hereby ensured boxer shorts that have a perfect fit with no irritation. They come both in black and grey, and with blue, red and sky blue waist lines with the CR7 initials. So you have every opportunity to be both elegant and modern at the same time.

If you are looking for briefs that are produced from the very best material and with a top design,; then luckily JBS and Ronaldo are ready to sort you out. The luxury briefs from CR7 Underwear come both in black, grey, red and which and are made of a pima cotton-stretch, which is of extraordinarily good quality. The design is also top class and includes buttons on the front.

You can see much more of the new JBS and Cristiano Ronaldo underwear- and sock collection right here.

The proper style and the right look naturally also requires the right socks. Socks are known to be an important part of men’s wardrobe throughout history and Ronaldo and Chai have also gotten into this area, which has resulted in some elegant and fashionable socks.

If you are looking for some very much elegant and stylish socks, then there is no getting around this classic dark grey choice. They are made of cotton-stretch, and deliver a really good fit. In addition they are very comfortable to stick your feet into, so as a footballer this is a great chance to take properly care of your most important tool – your feet.

If your style is a bit more fresh and colourful, then the Fashion socks will do the trick. They provide strong and fashionable design, in addition to being highly comfortable and top quality. You can have your choice in everything from camouflage to stripes and the more classic patterns, so you can find just the right socks to fit your feet and of course also your style.

You can see much more of the new JBS and Cristiano Ronaldo underwear- and sock collection right here.

With the new underwear- and sock collection, JBS and Cristiano Ronaldo have created a unique and elegant collection. The collection carries both Richard Chai's classy understanding of fashion, as well as Ronaldo's unique and confident style; and even if some people may argue that it is just underwear and socks, then there has surely been put a lot of energy and effort into creating some products that are both comfortable, stylish and very durable.

It is surely a stylish collection that Cristiano Ronaldo and JBS together have delivered. What do you thinks of the collection? And what is your favourite? As always feel free to leave your comment in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.