The World Cup 2014 is drawing ever closer and in that connection, Adidas are now launching several new home kits, for their many proud nations. One of them is Japan, who will be battling for the country of the rising sun, when they travel to Brazil next summer, wearing this brilliant and brand new kit.

The Japanese national team is ready for Brazil next year. That has been clear for a very long time, seeing as though Japan where the very first team, apart from the host nation, Brazil, who qualified for the 2014 World Cup. An event like that naturally calls for a new short – and Adidas have duly delivered.

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Japan is one of the few nations, whose shirt is comprised of colours not represented in their white and red flag – because they wear blue. The blue colour has become a tradition for the Japanese national team, because they in 1936 beat Sweden 3-2 and since then they kept a hold of the colour for superstitious reasons.

Blue was therefore the only right choice of colour on the new Japan home shirt – anything else would be strange. Adidas have created a nice, stylish shirt, with subtle references to the proud, but wild Japanese culture. On the front of the shirt there is a tone-in-tone pattern, which depicts the spokes of a wheel uniting, which symbolizes that when the Japanese engine gets moving, it is unstoppable.

At the same time the shirt has been designed with a red band running down the shoulders, which resembles hand painted, Japanese writing – and when the players huddle up before the game, they create a circle of team spirit, which is unbreakable. Yes, the Japanese love their unity – and what a brilliant way to celebrate just this.

Does the Japan shirt strike your fancy? You can get your very own right here.

With Japan ready for the world Cup and the new shirt also checked off the to-do list they are looking set for next summer. What do you think about the new shirt for the Nation of the Rising Sun. How far can it take Japan in the World Cup? Share your thoughts in the box down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.