The Impact of Brexit.


Written by Allan

We love our UK based customers, and we really hope that Brexit does not affect your ability to shop with us after the negotiations are concluded, however as the saying goes - ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’.

With that in mind, we have some information for you, if you think you might be affected by what happens next;

A deal is agreed: In this scenario, you MAY experience an increase in delivery times and/or shipping costs, depending on what the deal looks like. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Brexit does not happen: In this scenario, we will continue to sell to the UK under the same terms that you enjoy today.

No deal is agreed: In this scenario, it is very likely that you see an increase in the costs and delivery times associated with shopping online. The UK will be classed as a non-EU country, and therefore would be subject to the following; Shipping price of (at least) 25 Euros. VAT is deducted during checkout. Delivery will be at least one week*. Customs fees may be charged locally, which the recipient would need to handle locally.

*Please note that delivery times to the UK are expected to be high, immediately following a no-deal scenario. The longer delivery time is to be expected, due to customs handling.