Personalise your shin pads | Protect your performance with the new Liiteguard products


Written by Zlatko

Liiteguard is one of our newest brands and they’re specialist in mouldable shin pads and compression socks with silicon padding under the sole, making them great grip socks. Sounds awesome right? Do you want to learn how to mold you shinguards and how to put on your new Liiteguard socks then keep on reading and watch the videos to learn more about the new Liiteguard products.

Liiteguard shin pads

Liiteguard is all about developing the game for the players, so they get the best possible conditions and no restriction. That’s why they’ve developed the first ever mouldable shin pads, which makes you able to mould them after your shin. But there’s a deeper thought behind the shin pads, even though this sounds and looks cool, and that’s to prevent you from using kilometers of sock tape and in the end making it easier for you to get ready to play football.

The shin pads aren’t only mouldable, but also very light – only weighing 75 grams, and durable, that won’t get in your way or disturb you during an important training session or match. You might be one of the many who uses a lot of sock tape to lock in your shin pads, so they stay put during an entire match, that even a hard tackle from an in form Gattuso wouldn’t move them from the spot. But this comes with a downside, as the sock tape can block the blood circulation, which in the end can you give a nasty cramp and you need to get substituted. This is no problem with the Liiteguard Performance set. The shin pads are mouldable, which means that you can mould them after your shin by just boiling them shin pads – one at the time, as this will soften them and then the fun stuff begins.

After a few seconds take the shin pads out of the warm water and quickly apply it onto the area on the shin that you want to mould. A couple of minutes later – approximately 5 minutes, you have personlaised shin pads that fits you perfectly. If you get bored of the fit or want to try something new, then you can remould them my boiling some water and do the same routine again. We’ve attached a video just below here, which guides you step-by-step, so you get a set of perfect shin pads, as the guide has some great tips and tricks for you.

Liiteguard socks

Liiteguard also put a great honour in making some quality compression socks, which can help you on your way to avoid injuries that can cost you precious minutes on the pitch. Liiteguard has made two socks, one called Performance and another Pro-Tech. The performance sock comes with an inner sock, which keeps the shin pads in place, so you don’t need the sock tape. The Performance socks offers a compressive effect on the lower leg and this reduces muscle aches and stiffness, when you’re active on the pitch, out for a run or in the gym getting ready for a new season. Liiteguard has also placed an extra tight compression area around the achilles tendon, which can have effect on the achilles tendon pain.

The other sock is called the Pro-Tech sock and is a shorter version, while they feature extra silicone padding around the ankles. This silicone padding offers an increased stimulation in the area, when your ankle is in outer position, which will alarm the body to take action. It also features the achilles tendon compression, as on the Performance socks, while both the Pro-Tech and Performance sock come with a non-slip sole, which is coated with silicone dots, so you get a great grip in your shoes and reduce slippages in the boots and in general discomforts.

The Pro-Tech also comes with SoftAir material, which add a sublime comfort and ensuring the best possible sweat transportation. The SoftAir actually transports 4 times as much sweat as regular cotton, so you can imagine the difference that these socks offer, while blisters are going to be reduced significantly.

Some of you might already know, that it’s pretty hard to put on a compression sock. So, to help you on your way, to get the most out of the socks, Liiteguard made a guide on how to put your socks on correctly. Basically, you stick your hand into the sock and turn the sock inside out. Then you put your foot into the sock and place the heel in place and now you can start putting your sock on, by grabbing it at the end and pulling the sock up under your knee. Does it sound tricky, then watch the videos below.