Learn how to build your own football team kit with Unisport’s Football Kit Builder


Written by Frederik

Have you ever wanted to design your own team’s football kit? Well, using our awesome football kit designer, now you can! At Unisport TeamSport, we know the importance of working together as a team, and with our easy and simple team kit builder, you can effortlessly build your desired look to represent your team. Stay tuned to read more about our large selection of different team kits and brands.

Why you should personalise your own football team kit

Once you put on the football team kit before a match, it’s all up to you and your teammates to earn the win. The kit is the first impression you give the opponents, and this is the moment you have the chance to create a mental impact. The kit is the identity of the club you are representing it means even more when you designed it yourself. Whether you are playing as a professional or an amateur, a football shirt is not just a football shirt. Wearing the same kit gives you the feeling of being a part of a group who gives it everything until the final whistle. That is what this sport is all about, creating memories and having a community with great team spirit through good and bad times.

What you can expect with Unisport’s football kit builder

Unisport TeamSport is something we are very proud of. Our TeamSport team are working together with different kinds of football teams, from amateur level to over 45 professional clubs. The identity of Unisport TeamSport is nothing without our teammates. By using our football kit builder you can customise and design your own football team kit exactly as you wish. We are providing you with loads of opportunities to be creative, as we offer kits from Nike, adidas, PUMA and Joma, all in top quality and different styles. You can of course choose a goalkeeper kit and outfieldfield player kits in each of the makes, available for adults and kids in all sizes. Each set will include a football shirt made of 100% polyester, shorts, and football socks. You can also personalise each set by adding initials, surnames, badges, numbers and own sponsor logos. Unisport offers a great deal for your team to get a 25% discount - if you choose Unisport as a sponsor on the customised team kit. The reason for the discount is that we wish to support the local sport communities so they can enjoy the beautiful sport in an affordable way.

When you start to build your kit using our awesome tool, you will see that we have various colorways. You can choose from any combination of colours, names and numbers printed on the back. No matter what your kit looks like, you can be sure that it’s top quality, at a competitive price. Keep reading if you want to know more about the specific football kits and brands.

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Pick the right brand and design

With our great selection of Nike, Adidas, PUMA and more, you can be sure to create your own unique kits. We will now break down each brand.

Nike football team kits

With the Nike football team kit you will be given the option of 4 different styles, Tiempo, Park, Striped and Trophy. The kits have a unique look of their own, and it is your choice if you prefer a classic look or a neat striped look. All of these styles are only available in short sleeved shirts except for the goalkeeper kit of course. The Nike kits are made of 100% polyester, equipped with Dri-FIT mesh. Dri-FIT is designed to keep your body dry so you can train and run for a longer period of time. Simply check out the combinations on the link below.

Adidas football team kits

If you are looking for the 3 stripes brand adidas, then you can expect a classy look. There are 4 styles to choose from, adidas Tiro 19, Campeon 19, Tabela 18 and Squadra 17, all in good quality and a nice fit. adidas has incorporated ClimaLite into their football kits, so that your body can adapt to any kind of pressure. The materials are from 100% polyester which provide a nice flexible comfort. See more about the kits on our football kit builder page, if you prefer the well-known 3 stripes.

PUMA football team kits

The 4 options of PUMA football kits are definitely something you should consider. You can pick the PUMA Cup, LIGA, LIGA Core or the LIGA Striped. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to get quality products and cool designs. You can combine simple plain colours or choose nicely striped looks. All also made from 100% polyester supplied with PUMAS dryCELL technology to utilise the sweat from the body.

Design your football team kit now

There’s no time to waste. All you need to do is click on the link and start the process of creating your very own unique football team kit with Unisport TeamSport. Various combinations are offered and it is your own imagination that sets the limits. With our easy and simple football kit builder, you can choose whatever brand you like and personalise it, whether you want a clean look, or a mixed look. Follow these steps, and create your identity in no time.

1. Choose your desired brand and style for adults or kids 2. How many sets you would like in selected sizes 3. Personalise each set with name, number, logo and sponsor (25% discount using Unisport) 4. Review and order

The journey of your football team kit starts right here with our football kit designer.