This is a rather interesting week if you're a fan of the legendary Nike Tiempo collection, and to kick off some exciting days we now take a closer look at the various generations of the Nike Tiempo right here.

We are looking at a nice week. Especially if if you're a fan of Nike's legendary and iconic Tiempo collection, which we have seen on the feet of some of the world's best footballers including Ronaldinho to Messi and Fabregas. Nike have something up the sleeve and while we are waiting to see what it can be, we take a closer look at the history of the Tiempo.

The Nike Tiempo silo was introduced back in 2005. It entered the boot world in confident style and with comfort well above average. The boot weighed in at 330 grams and was worn by stars like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo and Cesc Fabregas.

The boot excelled by having a very soft kangaroo leather upper that provided a nice touch on the ball and a nice snug fit. In the insole you could find the Nike Zoom Air technology, and the sole was made of fibreglass to ensure both speed and rigidity. The boot, not without reason, attracted a lot of attention and quickly became a modern classic.

In the year 2007 came the update, as Nike could present the Nike Tiempo Air Legend I. Nike had worked on making the popular boot even better, and the Americans had managed to shave off 15 grams of the weight, to make it weigh in at 315 grams.

The goal of the design was to redesign the upper and the heel counter. On the first version of the Nike Tiempo Legend the heel counter was external, but was made internal, thus helping to lower the overall weight. The boot was still enjoyed by stars like Pirlo and Fabregas, while offensive talents like Carlos Tevez was also wearing the boot.

Hereafter we fast forward to 2009, before an update was ready for the Tiempo collection. Now Nike could present the innovative Nike Tiempo Legend III, which presented substantial changes in order to refine an already strong and popular boot, which was now down to 304 grams.

In comparison to the Tiempo Legend I and II, the loyal fans could note substantial change. Nike had said there goodbyes to the Nike Zoom Air in the heel, a new pattern was added to the forefoot in order improve the fit, and the sole was split in two, thus obtaining space to add more leather to the boot. In addition, lining was added around the heel.

The year after, Tiempo fans could once again smile all across their faces. In connection with the World Cup in 2010, Nike once again launched an update with the name Nike Tiempo Legend III Elite. With just 245 grams, Nike had managed to shave off considerable weight and hereby meet the demands of those who felt that the boot was too heavy.

New for Nike Tiempo Legend III Elite was, most noticeably, the KangaLite upper. Hereby, Nike for the first time abandoned the leather and changed it for the leather emulating synthetic material, which we know so well today. In addition, the boot also had a carbon sole, which also helped in terms of keeping the weight down.

As the calendar showed 2011 it was time for more news for the growing crowd of Tiempo fans, as well as stars, who were loyal to the boot. Nike could present the brand new Nike Tiempo legend IV, which with its 268 grams was considerably lighter than the previous generation.

Inspired by the Nike Tiempo Legend III Elite, the Kangalite material could be found, although only from the midfoot and to the heel. On the forefoot the kangaroo leather had gotten a new pattern, which made the leather keep its softness and not overstretch. The sole was gain a one-piece, and around the inside of the heel we would now find a suede material. In 2012 Nike also added the ACC technology which provided better ball control in all weather conditions. The Tiempo boot is hereby the only current Nike boot that is not born with the ACC technology, but got it later on.

Just as the previous generation, Nike also put out a Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite in 2011, as preparation for the European Cup in 2012. the boot had once again been on a diet, and with 238 grams it was t he lightest Tiempo ever.

The boot had a kangaroo leather upper and also worth noticing was the Nike Flywire technology, which enabled Nike to very thin leather. The sole was made with a carbon fibre sole, which also helped to keep the weight down. After the Euro Cup in 2012, the boot did although go out of production.

The Nike Tiempo is a legendary and iconic boot collection, which has been preferred by some of the very best footballers in the world. What do you think of the Nike Tiempo collection? And which of the previous generations is your favourite? Feel free to leave a comment here, or on Facebook and Twitter.