PUMA Code Breaker Pack | Break the code and win a trip to San Siro


Written by Zlatko Popovic

The new Limited Edition PUMA Code Breaker Pack, is hold your horses, not only a new release but also a chance for you to get a trip to San Siro for the ultimate AC Milan experience. Get your PUMA Code Breaker boot and start breaking the code.

PUMA Code Breaker Pack

The new PUMA football boots is all about your reading the game. Your opponents will do anything in their power to stop you, when your deep into the game. Its’s here you start reading the game, breaking the code and make the things happen, which no one else can. You’ve already hacked the game, now it’s time to finish it by breaking the codes.

The PUMA Code Breaker Pack gives the PUMA ONE and Future a new digital rain graphic on a clean white upper. The graphical design on the white boots, features hidden coordinates to San Siro’s location. The coordinates are the key to breaking the code, which will make you the lucky winner of a unique AC Milan experience, so is there more to say than: It’s time to become the code breaker and break the game.

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You might sit now and think: ‘How do I win this epic competition’, as some of you might be the ultimate AC Milan fans. Well it’s kinda straightforward. You only have to cop your pair of the PUMA Code Breaker Pack. When you receive your boots from Unisport and have unboxed them, then you will find a QR code on the shoebox, which you have to scan. Every box comes with their own unique code and the lucky winner will be informed, when the correct coordinates have been activated. The AC Milan experience will include an exclusive tour on San Siro, a meet and greet with Ambrosini and a training session in the Code Breaker boots with Ambrosini in charge.

The Limited Edition Code Breaker Pack will be highly limited, as there will only be 1400 pairs worldwide. So, there is no time to wait to become the code breaker, if you want to get a spot in the unique AC Milan experience. Get your pair exclusively at Unisport from today.

Find the PUMA Code Breaker Pack here