Here to progress football to new heights | Give the adidas Nemeziz 19+ a warm welcome


Written by Zlatko

One of the most agile boot in football gets a facelift, as adidas presents the brand new Nemeziz 19+. The new Nemeziz 19+ is more than a facelift, as it features a new mindset that will progress football to new heights.

adidas Nemeziz 19+

The new Nemeziz 19+ is the latest boot launch from adidas, which comes with a sweet red colourway. Maybe adidas has something up in their sleeves the next coming weeks, as we typically see a new boot launch right before a new collection, fingers crossed.

Nemeziz 19+ still keeps its roots in the Tensiontape game, while giving a more innovative and different way of wrapping your foot into the boot. This new mindset makes the Nemeziz perfect for the most agile and multidirectional players in the game. The new Nemeziz is made for those who play unpredictable and beat all their opponents with spectacular flair, footwork and movement, making players such as Messi, Firmino and Draxler play like they’ve never played before, as their game is elevated to an entire new level.

The Nemeziz 19+ synergises the function and visual of tension, torsion and compression, which we’ll deep dive into a bit more right below.

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We’re going to divide the tech talk into 3 categories: Fit, Touch and Traction, as the new Nemeziz features a lot of new awesome stuff. The fit is updated as the Nemeziz 19+ comes with a V-shaped collar, which makes it easier for you to get into the boot, while it offers a tighter lockdown made for the most agile moves on the pitch. adidas has added a padded texture on the inside of the collar that prevents you from sliding around in the boots. The Anatomical upper is combined with a new Adaptive Instep and this will let the upper adapt to your foot shape and provide a perfect 360 fit.

Moving on to the touch – The Tensiontape doesn’t only provide an unmatched lockdown, but it also gives a very soft, direct ball contact. This will allow you to control the ball as never before, as adidas has used the Tensiontape in 360-degree design, wrapping your foot in to give you a premium touch and feel, which is a well-known standard of the Nemeziz boot.

The Traction of the boot is completely new, as adidas has used a split tooling, that gives the Nemeziz boot as new, improved and awesome soleplate. The soleplate is split into two pieces, which offers support where it’s needed the most, while also giving an optimal natural freedom. The Nemeziz also comes with a Torsion System that supports radical multidirectional movements, while also securing you the stability that is needed. adidas has also added rotational studs and positioned them to give you the best possible push off and rotational movement, when you zigzag between your opponents.

We can’t wait to the see all the Nemeziz players in action the next coming weeks, as they are going to show-off the Nemeziz 19 on pitch, and especially Messi who can celebrate his 600 Barca goals with a new Messi 19.1 boot. But you don’t have to wait that long, as you can pre-order the boots already from today at Unisport.

Find the Nemeziz 19+ and the Messi 19.1 here