Unisport x Fokohaela | Celebrate Unisport with these Limited Edition shirts


Written by Zlatko

A lot of stuff is happening at Unisport at the moment – a new logo has been announced, a new store in Paris is opening and now brand-new Limited Edition shirts are made in collaboration with Fokohaela.

Unisport x Fokohaela

The two shirts from the Unisport x Fokohaela collaboration are inspired by the two cities where we’re sharing our #unisportlife vibes. The first shirt represents Copenhagen, while the second shirt represents Paris, as the grand opening of our store will happen this Saturday!

Unisport x Fokohaela Copenhagen

Copenhagen was the first stepstone towards becoming #worldbestfootballstore – as this was, were we opened our very first Unisport Flagship Store. The shirt takes inspiration from some of the most iconic buildings in the Danish Capital City, Copenhagen. You can spot buildings such as Rundetårn, Frederiks Kirke, the buildings at Nyhavn and many more. All of these buildings represent a high level of architecture, which just had to be a part of our design. They’re combined with the ‘dribble’, which is a design that is a part of the new Unisport identity and can be seen as the black stripes between the buildings and on the new Unisport logo.

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Unisport x Fokohaela Paris

Moving on to Paris. Here we’re going to share our passion for football through the all new Unisport Paris Store, which is going to be the center of attention during this summer’s World Cup. The Unisport x Fokohaela Paris shirt takes inspiration from the different Banlieues in Paris, while featuring the famous Breton stripes – a symbol for the celebration of the war victories that Napoleon had. Notre Dame is also included in the design, as a special tribute to one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Everything on the shirt symbolises Paris and will be our kickstart to a brand-new journey, that we hope you’ll be a part of in the future!

If you fancy yourself a shirt or both, then be sure to check back this Saturday from 10.00 online or in our stores in Copenhagen or Paris.

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