New Roma 2019/20 Home Shirt | Inspired by the supreme god


Written by Zlatko

Roma has been made ready for another season in the topflight of Serie A, as they continue battling for the vital spots that secures the Champions League group stages. The new Roma Home Shirt is all about the details, so let’s what Nike has made for the new season.

Roma 2019/20 Home Shirt

Roma is known for always battling for the top placements in Italian football and surely next season will be no different. The new Roma 2019/20 Home Shirt will surely help them, as it comes with a new and striking look. Literally, it’s striking as it features lightning bolts on the collar.

But why lightning bolts? Well, the supreme god of the Roman Pantheon, Jupiter, had the lightning bolt as one of his symbols. Jupiter protected Rome during the war, while bringing victory to the people, so Nike digs deep into the Roman DNA to get inspiration for this new awesome Roma Home Shirt.

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But lightning bolts are in general seen throughout Roman history and is often associated with the Roman army and Scutum shield. So, the lightning bolts is a symbol of the Roman unity and fighting spirit as the team battles to protect Stadio Olimpico every Serie A season, while they grind to get the important points, that allows them to achieve Champions League glory. Besides the fresh lightning bolt trim on the collars, the new Roma Home Shirt will also feature the classical burgundy colour, as you associate Roma with, which keep the Roman DNA intact throughout the season.

We can’t wait to see Dzeko, Zaniolo and Florenzi battling their way through the season with their new Roma 2019/20 Home Shirt. But you don’t have to wait until the next season to celebrate Roma, as you can get the new home shirt from TODAY at Unisport.

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