adidas Nemeziz 19+ Polarize Pack | Meet the first Limited Edition collection for the brand-new Nemeziz 19+


Written by Zlatko

The new Nemeziz 19+ has just been introduced and now adidas is ready to treat us with cool looking Limited Edition Polarize Pack. The Polarize Pack comes with a colorful vibe that is inspired by the colours of old school TV standby channels.

adidas Nemeziz 19+ Polarize Pack

The latest Nemeziz 19+ colourway is truly an eyecatcher, as the Limited Edition Polarize Pack combines a clean white upper with ha colourful vibrant Tensiontape around the ankle. The Nemeziz silo is made in a digital era, which means that young footballers are used to watch everything on the internet through their phones, tables and PC’s. adidas has taken their inspiration from the good old TV, as the neon colours on the upper are made with similar colour as seen on the good old SMPTE colour barcs seen on the standby channels.

To make the new Nemeziz 19+ Polarize Pack more digital, adidas has an awesome radiant coating, which will change the colours on the three stripes, depending on what angle your looking at the boot from.

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As we all know the Nemeziz 19+ was introduced around a month ago, which means that the boot is made with cool new features, so let’s run briefly through them. The mindset behind the new Nemeziz 19+ is to progress football to new heights. To able you to do this, adidas has made a Tensiontape construction with a 360-degree design, that wraps your feet to give you a premium touch and feel, as this is what the Nemeziz players are known of. Furthermore, this Tensiontape construction is all new, as it comes with a V-shaped collar, that makes it easier for you to get into the boots, while the lockdown of the boot is made tighter. adidas has added a padded texture on the inside of the collar and this will prevent you from sliding inside the boots. Lastly, the fit is improved by combining the Anatomical upper with a Adaptive Instep for a perfect 360 fit.

adidas also made the traction all new due to their brand-new split tooling, that gives the Nemeziz boot a new, improved and awesome soleplate, as it’s divided into two pieces.

Nemeziz Polarize Pack Trainer

To complete this Limited Edition collection, adidas has made a Nemeziz Polarize Pack trainer, that will allow you to rock your Nemeziz lifestyle off the pitch. The Trainer is all the same, as the Nemeziz 19+, minus the coating, while including the new and popular AlphaBOOST tooling, seen from the adidas running shoes, and topping it off with a laceless experience.

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