What are these white-coated scientists up to with the new Puma evoPOWER? Puma continue the teaser videos, and the third in line does not provide more answers than the two previous.

By now, most of you have probably realised that Puma have something up their sleeved with the brand new Puma evoPOWER football boot. We have already seen the boot on the feet of stars like Balotelli and Marco Reus in two rather special versions. The one, the Puma evoPOWER Stampa, specially made for Balotelli with numerous newspaper headlines from his career; and the other, the Puma evoPOWER Camo, a unique camouflage design as an alternative to the blackout boot.

We do, although, still need to stay patient until the final boot is revealed, and we get to see the result that Puma have reached in working with the boot. This Friday, the new Puma evoPOWER will be revealed, and we are looking forward to telling you about all the technological progress that has been reached in the work with this boot.

And they have certainly worked intensively to improve the boot. And also in a rather alternative fashion in some points. Puma have launched a couple of amusing teaser-videos that show two scientists doing all kinds of humorous research. Now the third video is here, and it doesn't provide more answers than the two previous.

In the video we are back in the street, where a scientist quickly throws a tape measure from great hight, before an unknown object lands and some numbers are shouted out – and the video ends. What on earth the scientists are on about, we still don't know, but we expect to know much more soon.

The video is the third in the line of little teaser-videos. In the previous video we were in a pavement restaurant as an unknown object all of a sudden falls from the sky. The couple who are sitting enjoying some red wine are frightened, and quickly a couple of guys dressed in white lab coats arrive and lead them away.

In the first video we also saw the two scientists, who were out and about in the streets of Barcelona and all of a sudden they see a football flying into a large arena, where after they start running. It didn't provide much answer, but we are excited to see what happens.

This Friday, Puma are finally going to reveal the new evoPOWER football boot, of which we are are looking forward to tell you much more about. Are you also looking forward to the new evoPOWER? And what do you make of the little teaser-videos? Feel free to share your comments here, or on Facebook and Twitter.